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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Sneaky Chef: How to cheat on your man in the kitchen

Hiding Healthy Foods in Hearty Meals That any Guy Will Love

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, now you can satisfy his taste buds while he reaps some health benefits at the same time. These recipes are great even for the pickiest of eaters!

The Sneaky Chef has lots of great recipes that are full of hidden ingredients that target men's health issues. Issues like heart disease, cholesterol, and prostate.
Featured Recipes:
Barbell Burger - pumped up burgers that include raw baby spinach and fresh or frozen blueberries.
Fearless Fried Chicken - tricked-out with sweet potatoes and carrots
Doctor's Choice Chilli - raw spinach, broccoli, and sweet grean peas all disappear in this firehouse fave!
Refried Bean Macho Nacho - zucchini and cauliflower are hidden inside this macho dish!

About the Author: Missy Chasse Lapine is the former publisher of Eating Well magazine and the founder of a natural baby product line Baby Spa. She is currently on the Culinary Arts faculty of The New School, in New York City and is also a collaborator with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a partnership between the American Heart Association and the William . Clinton Foundation, helping schools serve healthier lunches. Missy serves on the Children's Advisory Council of Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian where The Sneaky Chef recipes are served to patients. She and her husband and two daughters live in Westchester County, New York.

Blistex Deep Renewal

Blistex Deep Renewal is a lip protectant, sunscreen(SPF 15), moisturizer, and best of all anti-aging treatment(coenzyme Q10 with hyaluronic spheres) for lips! All in one tube! It has a nice light scent and it feels wonderful on your lips, it's not heavy or waxy feeling.

Information from the website:Deep Renewal is the anti-aging lip treatment that's clinically-proven to reduce visible signs of aging, deliver superb moisturization, and promote lasting lip health and vitality with consistent use.

Deep Renewal utilizes best-in-class ingredients for beautifully cared-for lips.

  • Coenzyme Q-10 the gold tandard for moisturization and overall revitalization
  • Hyaluronic filling spheres help give lips a fuller appearance
  • Vitamin-collagen anti-oxidant complex promotes lasting lip health
  • Light-refractors contribute to improving lips luster and youthfulness
  • Sun protection SPF 15 helps protect against sun damage that can accelerate the aging process

Sun Alert: Limiting sun exposure, wearing protective clothing, and using sunscreens may reduce the risks of skin aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects of the sun.

Protect your kissers this winter with Blistex Deep Renewal! Click here for information on other great products from Blistex.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fun

Here's another great find. I stumbled across it in the help wanted section:

Live in Nanny Needed:

My kids are a pain in the ass. Just in the past hour, i have had to tell each one to do something more than once. oldest: can i have soda? it's just a sprite? please? can i? no, no and no.
the next one...don't even get me started. seriously.
the twin six year olds: one wanted dessert before her dinner was over, one kept wanting to know why I wouldn't let nine year olds swing her around by her limbs. (the fear of a dislocated shoulder did nothing.)
Please help me.
I can be a tad difficult to work for. I'm loud, pushy and while I used to think we paid well, i am no longer sure. i work from home, so you get the pleasure of being hounded by me all day long. and, you get to pretend to like me, because i am deeply sensative. (but well dressed and a know it all, a winning combination I assure you.)
If you cannot multi task, or communicate without being passive aggressive, don't even bother replying.
If you are the type who doesn't notice crumbs on the table, skip to the next post, because crumbs are a deal breaker. they put me over the edge.
i have all sorts of theories on how to stack my dishwasher, and if you are judgemental about ritalin for adhd, or think such things are caused by too much sugar, again, deal break city.
You do get a separate entrance excellent studio on the ues. you do get air conditioner and internet connection and cable. even hbo. and showtime. you can bring your spouse, roommate or partner, but sorry no kids. If you ask, can i bring my kid, the answer will be...anyone? anyone? No.
If you can cook, all the better. otherwise, i'll teach you all sorts of things about pasta. (Here's a freebie, butter and parmesean, mmmmmm)
If you know anything about chess and violin i will be impressed.
We are not snobs, which is good. but then again, my kid sometimes swears to make a point. (We're working on it, but halfheartedly, because, well the apple doesn't fall far from the fucking tree.)Although I am told they are all very bright, they have not mastered the use of the oh so complicated napkin. This is a napkin Junior, say it after me...Nap Kin. Good boy.
i am not looking for Super nanny, or anyone who wants this job because they will love my kids as if they are their own. you won't. really. they are infinitely lovable, but trust me, they're mine and you will move on when your journey with us is over, and save for some funny stories and a delightful email every now and again, you won't grieve. Nor will we. (okay, we did all grieve a few of our past sitters, oddly they were all named Sarah or Kate, or Nikki. And Leah. Leah was delightful, even if she did drop my twin babies off our couch during a family gathering. Good times.
I don't want someone who has a lot of theories on the right way to raise kids, because in the end, I'm just a woman doing my best. I'm willing to learn from you, or anyone, but not so much about how i should parent my spawn. teach me to knit. introduce me to yoga, the white stripes, russian literature or the best place to get a burger in the village at 2Am, but do not tell me to put star stickers on a good boy chart. stickers irritate me.
If you are fundamentally unhappy with your life, you will be more unhappy if you take this job, so do us all a favor and get some treatment or move to the Rockies, but do not apply for employment with us. Also, if you suspect all wealthy women are frivilous, we are not for you. I do not want to hide my occasional bergdorf shopping bag.
If you smoke, please quit. don't apply either, but please quit. i have known too many people diagnosed with cancer this year. Even if you are a judgemental nanny 911 wannabe, no one should have to endure some of the things I have wittnessed.
You gotta be able to drive with a valid license, but if you've ever hit a human,move to the next post. You won't have to drive in the city, but if we go to our weekend place together, or if you make it to the summer and still work for us, we need you to run into town to get some pink milk, so be able to drive a mini van.
Can you swim? Swimming is good.
If you do drugs or drink enough so that you are grumpy in the morning and grumpier at night prior to that next cocktail, call AA, and peruse craigslist childcare positions when you have a year sober. I'll probably be looking again, and now is the time for you to focus on yourself anyway.
I need a team player. I need someone to back me up when it comes to remembering when the library books are due, and whether i have rsvped to that birthday party yet.
Help me dear G-d keep track of our skim milk supply and also, also, also, what should I make for dinner tomorrow night?

the hours are 7 in the morning to 8:30 in the morning. We'd be in it together, getting the kids out with clean faces, brushed teeth and some food in their bellies. Doesn't that sound easy? Doesn't that sound doable?
Then come on back for a fun filled afternoon 2:15-8:15 of activities and playdates and snacks and dinners and homework and riveting conversations about global warming, hannah montana and guitar hero.
When you do get to go home (to that swanky studio and possibly a significant other or buddy) your time off will be respected. If I would like you to give extra hours, i'll ask. if you say yes, you get paid 15/ hour. if you say no, I will not fire you or hate you. Except if it is a school holiday or if i have a sick kid, then i might ask, and unless you have a final exam worth 2/3 of your grade or tix The Lion King, you may need to help out.
Okay, if you're still reading this ad, it means:
a) i am a halfway decent writer and maybe i really will get that book deal i'm yearning for
b) you need a job desparately
c) you think this just might be destiny, and that you could be one of the few, the proud, the potential babysitter of our dreams.
D) you want all the information about job requirements, so that you can write me emails about how I should stay home with my kids otherwise they are going to grow up to be sociopaths. (If my pen pal is out there, wassup? Found love yet? No? How 'bout that.)
best of luck to all of you in your search for a job. Seriously. Job searching sucks. No two ways about it.

Chickies Cleavage Coverage

Chickies are the best alternative to having to wear tanks or camis. Chickies Cleavage Coverage is a patent-pending, fake-tank designed to answer the question, "What am I going to wear under this?" Now you can wear your favorite low cut shirt without having to worry about the girls falling out. I tell you, it's the greatest thing!

Here's how it all started: Chickies were invented by Marla Mason Ross, a third generation owner of Adelante Boutique, in San Antonio, Texas. When her customers kept asking, "What do I wear under this?” she thought, “Hmmm,” and the wheels began to turn. She wanted to create a garment that looked just like a tank, but was more comfortable. She designed this "fake tank" to snap around any bra strap, eliminating the extra layer and the straps of a regular camisole. A year and a half of trial and error later, Chickies were born

Marla named the new company after her two daughters, Julia and Megan. Just as Marla’s grandparents inspired her through their hard work and creativity to go for her dreams, Marla hopes Juls and Meg will be inspired to go for theirs!

Chickies are available in four different sizes and retail of $33.00. They come in black, white, ivory, tan, chocolate, tuquiose, and hot pink. Order yours today at julsandmeg.com!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fill in the Blankie

Fill-in-the-Blankie blankie

Are you looking for the perfect baby gift? Fill-in-the-blankie blankets make the most unique and thoughtful baby gift!

They are ultra personalized with up to 50 characters per side (200 total) to have embroidered with your warmest wish. You could include an inspirational quote, names of parents and siblings, nursery rhymes, or biblical quotes.

Oh boy, these blankies are super soft! They are made from only 100% of the highest quality cotton and satin along the edges. Babies can hold them, squeeze them, and love them.

They offer 37 different styles to choose from. Order yours today at www.fillintheblankie.com. Prices start at $39!

Stinky Kids

StinkyKids Brand Tees are so stinkin' cute!

StinkyKids has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS, several newspapers, magazines, and websites. And all for good reason! StinkyKids is fun for kids and it teaches them to make the right choices and "always be a leader of good". And best of all, a portion of the proceeds goes toward the fight against cancer.

Your child can go onto their website, www.stinkykids.com, to play with the StinkyKids and print their own coloring pages. You can also write to the characters and post art work.

There are 10 different diverse characters, all of which are named after family and close friends of the founder of StinkyKids, sharing a philosophy of being a little stinker and doing good by spreading their motto of 'Always be a good leader'. A simple but powerful message which kids of all ages understand.

Visit their website, www.stinkykids.com, to find out which StinkyKid your little stinker looks like! Not only will you get adorable tees... you'll be helping to support a business that gives back to the community AND teaching your children values.

Birds of America on DVD in stores now

The comedy, Birds of America (First Look Studios) was just released on DVD in stores on October 21, 2008. Go grab a copy if you haven't already! This is a super movie with Matthew Perry, Ben Foster, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Lauren Graham.

This movie explores the relationships between siblings and how they come together as a family despite their differences. Morrie, played by Matthew Perry, is the keeper of all things family related, including his siblings. Morrie's little brother Jay, played by Ben Foster, is beyond peculiar, homeless and humorously, but clinically, depressed. His beautiful sister Ida, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, is a promiscuous insomniac that is starved for attention. Morrie's wife Betty, played by Lauren Graham, has waited patiently for seven years for their hard work to pay off so they can start a family of their own. As things unfold, Morrie begins to realize that his family will stand by him no matter what.

Morrie was left to care for his brother and sister after his parents passed away during his childhood. When his siblings fail to take flight into adulthood, Morrie realizes that that his role as caretaker is much overdue. Both siblings take refuge at Morrie's home and it begins to take a toll on his marriage. Faced with the choice of turning his back on his family or standing by them despite their flaws, Morrie discovers the strength of the ties that bind them and what it means to be family.

This is a great movie to add to your video library!

Monday, October 20, 2008

For My Kids

All Natural Vegan Products

If you're like me, you've all been searching for an alternative to chemicals and cleaners especially the ones that come into contact with our little ones. Think of how many times per day your child puts their hands in their mouth. They're ingesting harmful chemicals! For My Kids has just the things we've all been looking for! We had the opportunity to try the following products and we loved them all! They smell great too!

All-Natural Alternative to Antibacterial Disinfectants - does not contain any harmful toxic chemicals and is made with high-quality, certified organic herbs and spices. Use in the kitchen, door knobs, phones, shopping carts, bathrooms and changing table areas, hotel rooms, toilets, and anywhere else you would normally disinfect. It comes in a convenient spray bottle that you can keep at home or carry with you.
All-Natural Hand Wash - lavender scented spray that you can take along to use whenever soap and water are not available. The ingredients in this hand wash also cleanse, soften, heal, and stimulate your skin.
All-Natural Vegan Lip Balm- this is a great alternative to licking chemicals off your lips plus, you get nice soft lips! Natural vanilla flavor or organic peppermint extract.
All-Natural Comfrey Salve - a must for all little boo-boo's! This soothing salve is great for minor cuts and burns, scrapes, and bug bites.

They also offer insect repellent and face care for mommy. Buy some of their awesome products today to help save our kids, ourselves, and our planet. Interested in reselling? Check it out on their website.

For My Kids is a certified green office. For more information on these great products visit For My Kids Website (www.ForMyKidsOnline.com)!

The Bumpy Little Pumpkin


The Bumpy Little Pumpkin, written by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand is a great children’s book. This is our second Halloween season with this book and we really enjoy it! I read it to Haley last year when she was just learning to read and now she is able to read it to us this year. When I took this book out of the closet along with all the other Halloween d├ęcor, etc., Haley recognized it right away and was excited to read it again. So, I guess you could say that this book is a Halloween tradition at our house.

Little Nell has found the perfect pumpkin for Halloween. It’s bumpy and little and lumpy, and just right. Then, her bossy sisters, BIG Sarah and Big Lizzie, tell her it’s too small and ugly to make a jack-o-lantern. But with a little help from her friends Reindeer, Harem and Bear Cub, Little Nell shows them all that big ideas sometimes come in small packages – bumps and all. Joyous and uplifting, Little Nell’s tale glows with the warmth of a jack-o-latern’s grin.

I highly recommend adding this book to your Halloween collection to enjoy with your children for years to come! Pick one up today! Get your copy today at amazon.com for $5.19 - $16.48.