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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bugalug Giveaway and Holiday Promo

I love Bugalug hair accessories and they have become Haley’s favorite! Apparently being in second grade makes you somewhat of a fashion guru?? Haley is very particular about what she wears, especially in her hair but she was so excited when her Bugalug ribbon headband came in the mail! She loves it, it looks great, AND it stays in place! Check it out here!

Bugalug barrettes have recently introduced their newest, most innovative and BEST clip yet! We have gone 100% magnet free and we have added a silicon gel GRIP to the inside of EVERY barrette. This grippy strip is the 1st of it's kind. Many other barrettes are finding ways to imitate our grippy strip, but they just can't compete with this unique design. Like always, our clips are great for any hair type and any age, from baby to adult, but they are especially great for fine hair. When nothing else will stay, try a Bugalug - you won't be disappointed. With our simple, trendy, no frills designs, your little one will be able to wear them with tons of different outfits for years to come! And remember, we are glueless too - our clips can withstand the wash and dryer and never look bumpy or clumpy from glue. Check it out here!

Bugalug ribbon headbands: They have been in store for a few months and doing so well, we could hardly keep up! These trendy headbands are perfect for anyone from infants to adults. One size fits most, however, unlike many other headbands, we do not use elastics which can cause the headbands to slide off the head. Our innovative, patent-pending design uses a comfortable toggle that allows you to make the headband the PERFECT size for your head. Some headbands are even reversible, making them even more functional! Cute enough for little girls, but hip enough for MOM! We've sold tons of these to both moms and tots. Check it out here!

About Bugalug from the founder Sundi Hoffman:

Of course, like most products, Bugalug Barrettes were born out of a need. There were so few cute barrettes out there and nothing that would stay in my friends newborn’s hair. Together we tried many different styles, ribbons, clips etc. and this was the best product we could make. We loved the idea that they were safe (non-toxic glue), super cute and yet not too cutesy, and that they stayed where they were put! And Bugalug Barrettes was born.

Initially I started promoting the barrettes at trade shows and craft fairs within Calgary. The response was overwhelming! Mom’s LOVED the simple designs, the trendy colors and the exceptional value. By January they had caught the eye of a few retailers and within 4 months we were in over 95 stores across Canada!

We are continuously working on new colors, new products and new ways to improve our products and our brand. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Keep your eyes out for more fabulous Bugalug products over the next 6 months.

Thank you so much for helping me make my dreams come true by choosing Bugalug. I wish all the best for you and your little ones.



Giveaway: Sundi Hoffman, has just been named Western regional Savvymom winner! To celebrate her award, Sundi would like to offer to send you a Bugalug prize pack valued at $32.00! The prize pack includes six barrettes and headband of your choice. Click here to pick out the style you like best. Please be sure to add it to your comments along with your email address so I can contact you. Ends December 21, 2008.

Promo: Get 10% off your order when you use the code – ALLMOM10 at checkout!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Start a New Christmas Tradition That Kids Will Love!

We’ve started a new and exciting Christmas tradition in our house this year! Two magic elves arrived at our house a few weeks ago. Haley sent a letter to Santa and within a few days Charlotte and Jangle arrived. Haley was amazed when we read the letter that Santa sent with his little elves! The elves have been helping around the house and getting into a little mischief too! Haley is so excited to wake up each morning to see what the elves were up to while she was sleeping! It’s amazing to see that she still believes in the magic of Christmas in second grade yet and three of her classmates have sent letters to Santa asking for their own elves. This is a wonderful and cute tradition to start in your home!

NORTH POLE (October 10, 2008) – A new sheriff – or elf, rather – is in town and intent on making this Christmas the most memorable yet. By way of the North Pole – with Ole’ St. Nick’s blessing, of course – Elf Magic elves will begin magically appearing in homes on Thanksgiving Day to the anticipation of new, beaming faces and old, excited child friends who have waited 11 long months for mischievous elfin visitors to arrive.

Eleven months is a long time for the spirited Elf Magic elf, who spends the year dreaming about the return to his host family. While away working hard for Santa, he often glances down hopefully at the snowflake over his heart – a reminder of Santa’s love of children and Elves – certain that the holiday season is well worth the wait. Besides, all that time away means children around the world can anticipate a whole new level of fun, affection, adventure – and yes, some mischief – when the Elf magically returns.

“When considering Christmas traditions that bring the season to life, it’s natural to conjure up stories of Santa,” says Piper Worthington, head elf of Elf Magic. “Elf Magic elves have something different in mind – they encourage an upbeat Christmas animated through nightly adventures and daily play to help children instill memories, have fun and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values.”

A crucial element of the timeless Elf Magic tradition is – you guessed it – the frisky, frolicsome adventures in which the Elves take part when children are asleep at night. Brought to life by a nightly sprinkling of “magical” North Pole Snowflakes, the Elves leave no shred of creativity untouched as they find new ways to enjoy their afterhours time.

That’s when neighbors and classmates start swapping Elf Magic stories … “Last night our Elves made an absolute mess piecing together invitations for a gingerbread-house party,” or “She’s done it again! Last night, our Elf snuck away in the car for a quick trip to our local burger joint! We found hamburger wrappers and drink cups littering the floorboard on the way to school!” Though many of the Elves love a good adventure, there are some who prefer a calmer lifestyle as well – all of the Elves have different, unique personalities, though they each bring the same North Pole spirit to whatever they do.

Whether the Elf arrives Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve, time with their host families always moves too quickly for the ingenious, untiring Elf Magic elves. It’s almost as if they consider their time working hard at the fanciful North Pole with the Claus’ a tad tame!

Though there is no shortage of energy in the hearts of these magical Elves, the mischief is balanced with the desire of Santa’s friends to spend quality, relaxed time with their host families. Elf Magic elves are meant to be touched and loved, and they play with children during the day throughout their magical visits. Don’t be surprised if the Elves interact with children by exchanging hand-written notes and letters … The Elves have even been known to pick a weekly Bible verse for the family to memorize together as part of a Christmas tradition.

Elf Magic has been one of the most exciting traditions we have experienced as a family,” Worthington says. “Going back to when I was a young girl, our Elves have brought not only joy and love through daily interaction with our family, but they have provided us with memories we will forever treasure. The evidence of a full night of mischief is a treat to wake up to, but it is just one fragment of the experience. Elf Magic is as much about daily fun as it is the timeless Christmas traditions of family, love and sharing.”

Visit www.Elf-Magic.com or call 1-877-Elf-Magic (1-877-353-6244) for more information about how Elf Magic can play a meaningful part of your upcoming holiday season.

About Elf Magic

Santa’s Elves magically appeared in Piper Worthington’s home in 1960, bringing mischief and fun to her and her sister then as children and today to her own family, as well as thousands of others throughout the world. Elf Magic elves spend Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve with children and families, bringing a genuine warmth and closeness within the home, sparking imaginations and creating memories that last a lifetime. As the timeless Christmas-elf tradition, Elf Magic elves “magically” appear from the North Pole each holiday season ready to be touched and loved – and sometimes to turn their playful thoughts into mischievous late-night adventures. Elf Magic is a great way to reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values. For more information, visit www.Elf-Magic.com or call 1-877-Elf-Magic (1-877-353-6244).

Free Gift Idea for Kids

25 Days of Interactive Holiday Fun

LOS ANGELES (November 19, 2008)kidthing, the first and only free online digital media player created just for kids, today announced the launch of Countdown to Christmas - a 25-day interactive holiday promotion that will bring a free holiday gift to children everywhere as they eagerly await Santa’s arrival.

As part of Countdown to Christmas, a new free game will arrive every day starting December 1 all the way up to the big day. Countdown to Christmas features classic children’s favorites as well as brand-new games and activities that kids will love – 25 in all. Santa’s Village is brought to life through rich illustrations, photography and seasonal, orchestral music. Countdown to Christmas is available now in the kidthing store through December 31.

“The entire kidthing team poured their hearts into creating this magical Christmas extravaganza of 25 games as a free gift to kids everywhere,” said Larry Hitchcock, kidthing’s CEO and founder. “Countdown is full of charm and tradition sprinkled with a little digital magic for special holiday fun for the kids.”

How it works: Each day a different house in Santa’s Village will light up, inviting kids to open the surprise of the day, until all 25 interactive games have been opened. Countdown to Christmas was created by kidthing’s award-winning creative team and is jam-packed with hours of interactive games, crafts, puzzles, animated surprises and much more.

For families traveling this holiday season, Countdown to Christmas provides a fun and entertaining way to fill time spent sitting in airports, cars and planes since all kidthing titles are downloaded directly to the kidthing player on a PC and are always available to be played – even when there’s no Internet connection.

Countdown to Christmas joins the growing library of digital books, games, videos and activities available at kidthing (http://store.kidthing.com). The kidthing online store is filled with digital learning and entertainment products for kids to play from leading brands like Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Scholastic, Garfield, HarperCollins Publishers, Penguin Young Readers Group, and many more. kidthing runs on Windows XP or Windows Vista and will be available for Mac at a future date.

About kidthing

kidthing is the first and only free digital media player made just for kids. kidthing was created by parents to give kids a safe place to play and learn online away from web browsers and ads. kidthing also features an online store filled with a wide variety of fun and engaging digital animated books, interactive games, activities and videos from leading companies and brands. Browse, preview and buy great stuff from the kidthing store with prices starting at under a dollar. Content is automatically downloaded to the kidthing player and can be played anytime and anywhere, even when not connected to the Internet. kidthing is based in Los Angeles. You can visit kidthing at www.kidthing.com .

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Land's End Giveaway

The fine folks at Land’s End are sponsoring an awesome giveaway and offering fabulous deals this season! I have always been so impressed by the quality of Land’s End products! You just can’t beat their prices either! Stay home on Black Friday and get everyone something from Land’s End this Christmas. You can sleep in and shop from the comfort of home!

Land’s End Women's Regular Long Sleeve Cashmere Tee Sweater

What makes the best cashmere? I can tell WHO makes the best cashmere! It’s Land’s End! This sweater adds just a touch of luxury to a casual look.

Crème de la Cashmere and affordable, too.
Shouldn't the first layer, the one that touches your skin, be the softest? We think so, and have worked hard to keep our prized Inner Mongolian cashmere tees, V's and such affordable. The softness, resilience and color retention of this cashmere are a product of Mongolia’s bitterly cold weather, which spurs the growth of the Kashmir goat’s winter coat. Underneath the coarse guard hairs lies downy, white cashmere, which is combed away ounces at a time and spun into rich, enduring yarns.

For Him:

Exclusive Lighthouse® luggage, designed to solve some of your worst travel headaches.

  • Tough 1680 denier ballistic nylon is resistant to tears, abrasion, stains, and moisture
  • Whether left or right-handed, the handle locks at more natural, comfortable angles
  • Wheels roll smoothly on durable ball-bearing construction
  • Front organizer pocket for clutter control
  • Available in your choice of three sizes
  • Monogram It! View all 50 monogram thread color options
  • Buy any 2 Lighthouse Wheeled luggage pieces or sets, save $50 each!

For the Kids:

Kids' Fleece Slippers

A treat for feet.

  • Plush fleece uppers
  • Rib-knit ankle collars are easy to pull on and stay on
  • Cushiony foam padding softens each step
  • Suede sole helps keep kids on their feet
  • Embroideries are fun for feet

Holiday Deals at Land’s End!!! Lands’ End is currently running its Daily St. Nick Pick at www.landsend.com where new discounts will be posted every day. We’d like to give you the exclusive preview on tomorrow’s deal of $50 for some cashmere items which are normally $89.

Giveaway: How would you like a cashmere tee sweater of you own? Click here to pick your color and size. Post a comment, leaving your email address so I can contact you. Extra entry – follow my blog or subscribe to my feed. Ends December 31, 2008.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giftlit Promotion

Good books make great gifts! GiftLit’s monthly gifts of books, selected by literary experts and grouped by interest, offers a new twist on giving books and will be a welcome surprise for everyone on your list this holiday season. Be it a picture book for a toddler, a page turner for a mystery lover or a new cookbook for a chef, books stand the test of time like no other gift.

That was the inspiration for GiftLit.com, a unique online retailer that sells 3, 6 and 12-month gifts of high-quality books for children, teens, adults and families. By grouping the subscriptions around the interests of the reader, GifLit makes the selection process easy. GiftLit’s literary advisors include writers, editors, school librarians, educators and publishing industry experts, ensuring gifts of high quality, award-winning books. One can purchase a collection compiled by one of GiftLit’s experts or customize their own, and the recipient can substitute or return any book so they will get just what they want. What makes this original gift even more special is a beautiful gift notification package that is complete with personalized bookplates – one for each book.

“Our customers tell us we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift,” says GiftLit co-founder, Susheela Vasan. “Whether it’s a biography for a history buff or an adventure for an 8-year old reluctant reader, you can be sure every book we choose is among the best in its category. As a parent, you can be confident that our children’s books are well-written and age appropriate.”

GiftLit is perfect for relatives far away or for those hard-to-buy-for friends. Teachers, sitters, and other family friends will also appreciate receiving books selected especially for them. In this age of electronic entertainment, parents and grandparents love giving GiftLit subscriptions and are thrilled when children rip open their package each month and start reading.

GiftLit is an online retailer of monthly gifts of books sold in 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions for children, teens, adults and families. The books are chosen by a unique advisory board of literary experts and are grouped into convenient collections by recipient (e.g. women, men, couples), by interest (e.g. history, fantasy, food & wine), and by age (for children's books). Subscriptions can be customized by the purchaser or the recipient. Through its Partner Program, GiftLit supports literacy by donating a portion of its sales to schools and libraries. For more information about GiftLit or to place an order, please visit us online at www.giftlit.com.

This is a great gift idea for the entire family and best of all, GiftLit gives back! They are offering All American Mommy readers a special promotion! 10% off until 11/30/08. Promo code: AAM1130.

Time Saver: DVD's Wrapped and Ready


Holiday shopping just got a lot easier when Paramount Home Entertainment offers consumers three of its most successful titles this year Iron Man,Kung Fu Panda andIndiana Jones and the Crystal Skull alreadypre-wrapped.The titles available on DVD will be on shelves at most retailers by November 30 or December 7 for purchase. Consumers can just remove the outer sleeve and its wrapped and ready to put under the tree.

On Sunday, November 30 the top 18 markets in the country will also offer $50 in savings off Paramount's blockbuster DVD and Blu-ray titles in the local newspapers to kick off the arrival of the wrapped and ready titles in store,. Markets include New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco, Orlando, San Diego, Tampa, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Phoenix, Miami, Houston and Atlanta. The offer includes $3 off on all single and 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray titles and $10 off DVD and Blu-ray box sets.

Pricing: $19.99 U.S. (single-disc DVD) for wrapped and ready titles

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea

BPA-Free Reusable ‘Tappening’ Water Bottles and Duffle-Type Bags Made From 100% Recycled Materials

Have you “bought into” the bottled water hype like I have for years? You should checkthis out! It definitely changed my mind! The ‘Tappening’ campaign has been instrumental in helping forge a national movement that encourages people to make tap their water of choice, whenever possible. The campaign (which Adweek has called “a form of business philanthropy…founded to right a perceived wrong”) and its website--www.tappening.com –-both launched only last November, have served to educate the public about the wastefulness, excessive cost, and pollution of the Earth caused by the bottled water industry.

In an effort to self-finance the campaign, the Tappening founders--Eric Yaverbaum and Mark DiMassimo--introduced their own line of reusable water bottles. To their surprise, the Tappening bottles became trendy practically overnight. Their entire initial inventory of 39,000 plastic reusable bottles sold out in 36 hours after launch of the website! To date, over 300,000 Tappening bottles have been sold.

In July, the group added the duffle-type Tappening bag to their online shop, made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

More about ‘Tappening’ bottles and bags:

  • The 100% BPA-free plastic bottles are available in green or in blue. The Green bottle says “Think Global, Drink Local”; the Blue bottle says “What’s Tappening?” ( $14.95 plus $3 s&h).
  • The stainless steel bottles are available in Silver, Blue, Gold and Red ($18.95 plus $3 s&h).
  • ABCs ‘Good Morning America’ cited the Tappening bottle as being “one of the hottest products for 2008,” calling it a “hip new reusable water bottle.”
  • Trend Central’s Jane Buckinghma said “The water bottle gives customers a simple way to do good, as well as a conduit to broadcast their beliefs.”
  • The Tappening Message-in-a-Bag is made from yesterday’s discarded single-serve water bottles and yogurt containers.
  • The message on the bag is “Think Global, Drink Local” ($49.95 plus $3 s&h).
  • The campaign and bottles have been touted by media and bloggers across the country, from People magazine to Forbes.
  • All of the money raised via the sales of the bottles and bags has gone directly back into the educational website and campaign.
The bottles and bags are available for purchase on www.tappening.com .

iPlayMusic Guitar Giveaway

I always wanted a guitar for Christmas when I was a kid but Santa never brought one. Sniff, sniff! Now your child can have their very own guitar plus an entire starter kit to get the whole family rocking and rolling in no time! Imagine the excitement of finding a “kid-sized” Purple Pony, Mean Green Dinosaur, or mini-electric guitar under the tree on Christmas morning!

iPlayMusic offers two great starter packages for young kids.

Kids ‘Pony’ or ‘Dino’ Guitar Bundle – Includes colorful ½ size kids guitar, tuner, picks, strings, plus iPlayMusic Together DVD (Parents Choice Award winner). Entertaining video lessons and a playful puppet teach toddlers and young children guitar basics and 6 of their favorite songs. It’s designed to get the entire family singing along in minutes. (Package: $79.95) http://www.iplaymusic.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=69

Kids Electric Guitar Bundle – Big seller last Christmas! Includes pink or black ‘mini’ ¾ size electric guitar, amp, strap, tuner, picks, and iPlayMusic’s Beginner Guitar Lessons-Level 1 DVD. Great value, with video instruction that walks a beginning player step-by-step through the essentials so they can start playing right away. (Package: $199.95) http://www.iplaymusic.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=64

Giveaway: iPlayMusic is offering the Beginner Guitar software for PC and the Play Music Together for PC. Want to enter? It's easy! Just post a comment and follow my blog. Ends December 31, 2008.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ebbee for Baby

Eebee’s books (www.eebee.com) make the perfect Christmas and Baby Shower gifts for baby! Eebee’s mission is to help parents and babies transform everyday play and exploration into learning that lasts, providing ideas and tools that are catalysts for play. These new books reflect this approach and the philosophy that every baby learns by exploring his or her surroundings. The titles include:

eebee’s Having a Ball Adventures: Babies will play around with some big ideas in this adventure: up, down, over, under, in, out . . . and my turn—your turn. This interactive book includes a soft, tethered ball, inviting babies to exercise social, motor, language, and thinking skills in games from catch with eebee to basketball.

eebee’s Laundry Time Adventures: Babies will explore words, sounds, and textures; exercise fine-motor skills; play imaginatively . . . and get the laundry done. Interactive play activities include taking towels out of the laundry bag and putting them “into the washer”; spinning the peek-a-boo washing-machine wheel; hanging eebee’s pajamas on the line; and putting them away in the drawers.

eebee’s Peek-a-Boo Adventures: Where’s eebee? On the cover of this book, open and close the curtains. Inside the book, look for eebee behind a silky purple scarf, inside a big, shiny raincoat, and behind a movable stack of soft blocks. From exploring textures to anticipating outcomes, there’s no hiding the opportunities for playful skill-building in this exciting search.

eebee’s Hugs and Splash Adventures is a two-book set in which each book is also a game.

All About Me & You is all about eebee’s body, and a baby’s body too. Fold-out the book-sized mirror to “look and play” along with eebee. Exercise your baby’s social, motor, language, and thinking skills, exploring the body from head to toe!

Eebee’s Bath Time Adventure is sure to float a baby’s boat. Open the book and place it cover-up in the tub. Watch eebee float! Submerge the book to fill the squirter and then squeeze it for a gentle spray. Press eebee’s tummy—squeak—eebee’s all clean. As eebee takes a bath, every baby will play and learn with water.

These books are available in Barnes & Noble and specialty bookstores across the country.

Terrasoles - Treat Your Feet

Your feet will love wearing Terrasoles when you’re shopping for holiday gifts, getting groceries, and running from one holiday party to the next! My feet get tired and sore fast but not with Terrasoles! I feel like I’m walking on air! Get a pair for the man in your life too! Terrasoles’ shoes, sandals and clogs incorporate lightweight, flexible styles without sacrificing comfort and functionality. Each style contains signature support design and shock attenuating features. Terrasoles are designed to be a casual “after anything” shoe that offer a soothing transition from performance-orientated footwear, as well as after a long day’s work or play. Terrasoles are constructed with environmentally friendly elements whenever possible, including bamboo, cork and high-quality fleece made from recycled materials. Terrasoles are one of my top mommy picks! Check it out here at www.terrasoles.com!

Littlest Pet Shop

What should every little girl have for Christmas this year? "......... the Littlest Pet Shop that's who"! The Littlest Pet Shop (Hasbro) offers a great selection for girls ages 4 and up! Everything from stocking stuffers to digital planners!

(Approximate Retail Price of pair: $22.99; Ages: 6 and up; Available: October 2008)
Kids can discover the latest way to play with their plush VIP Friends. Each pair of "best friends" comes with a secret code hidden in the collar that kids can use to visit the Littlest Pet Shop online world at www.littlestpetshop.com. The code unlocks both pets in the virtual world where together they can play fun games and activities, as well as "shop" and "accessorize". There is a whole virtual world kids can explore while snuggling with the plush friends.

(Approximate Retail Price: $39.99/ Ages: 4 and up; Available/ Fall 2008)

The new TAIL-WAGGIN' FITNESS CLUB playset is where LITTLEST PET SHOP pets can have fun and work out through fun activities such as jumping rope, running on the hamster-wheel, and jumping hurdles. When they are not working out, you might find the pets hanging out at the treat center. The playset features two pets, including a new kangaroo.

(Approximate Retail Price: $29.99; Ages: 6 and up; Available: Fall 2008)
The LITTLEST PET SHOP personal planner helps girls organize their day with help from your LITTLEST PET SHOP friends. Using a built-in touch screen, the personal planner allows girls to play games and activities with their little pets. Other features include a phonebook, calculator, and calendar all which can be customized.

LITTLEST PET SHOP PETS (Approximate Retail Price: $3.99 (up); Ages 4 and up; Available: Now)
The LITTEST PET SHOP PETS have a new look, that's all in the eyes. Collect them all!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ubisoft's Imagine Series for Ninento DS Giveaway

The Imagine Series is a great gift idea for girls and tweens! Keep them occupied on their long travels for holiday parties with these great games! The Imagine Series allows the player to feel like they are actually “there”! Ubisoft makes the Imagine series, the first ever brand of games dedicated to girls where they can play as a celebrity movie star, fashion designer, teacher, wedding designer and more.

Imagine Teacher (Nintendo DS, August 2008) allows players to become a teacher at a brand new school. Teach your class a variety of subjects and increase your students' knowledge. Become a successful teacher, recruit new students and develop your school into one of the very best.

Imagine: Movie Star (Nintendo DS, available worldwide) - lets the player experience all the glamour and fun of being a celebrity! Maintain your A-list celebrity status and get invited to fabulous parties, hang out with other celebrities and get spotted at the hottest night clubs or on a dream date. Walk the red carpet in the trendiest outfits and smile for the paparazzi!

Imagine Fashion Designer New York (Nintendo DS, available in North America) girls can play as a young fashion designer starting a career in a famous fashion agency in New York City. Discover the glamorous world of fashion, get interviewed by high profile reporters and create trendy designs to become the hippest fashion designer ever.

Giveaway: Click here to tell me what you like best about their site. One lucky winner will receive a copy of Imagine Teacher for Nintendo DS. Please be sure to leave your email address with your comments so I can contact you if you win. Ends December 18, 2008.

My Magical World Giveaway

Bringing books to life, My Magical World, an educational DVD series for kids aged 2-6 years that uses colorful characters to encourage young viewers to read and has just received the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval. Each DVD in the award-winning series, produced by Cleargate KIDS, includes a full-color, 36-page companion book, along with bonus features. The DVDs encourage kids to share, listen, eat healthier, read and travel the globe. Colorful friends, such as Sammy the "Book Jumper," Georgia, Abra and others, join the fun and serve as guides to inspire children to learn more about the world around them.

Reading to children at any age propels their development but, as any parent can attest, it can sometimes be a challenge to hold their attention. My Magical World offers parents a solution by combining a video with a corresponding book to help keep kids focused, provide familiarity and further encourage them to get the most of out their reading experience.

The DVD and book series are available at www.mymagicalworld.tv and retails for $14.99 (base price).

Giveaway: Post a comment telling me who you’d like to win this for. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. Ends December 20, 2008.