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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stopping Domestic Violence

ClickToEmpower.org. Do you or does someone you know live with domestic violence? I surely hope not but statistics show that 1 in 4 women in America have dealt with domestic violence in their lifetime. This truly breaks my heart! I have dealt with domestic violence in my life but not directly. My mother was married to an emotionally abusive man for 16 years of my life. I was so relieved when she decided to get out of the relationship and I’m thankful that there are resources available to help women get out of these situations! I wanted to share this information with all of you to help spread the word. There is help out there! Please pass this on to anyone you know who needs help!

The recent activities surrounding Chris Brown and Rihanna are unfortunate but they do shine a spotlight on domestic violence and provide an opportunity to increase awareness about the issue and resources available to help those in need. The Allstate Foundation’s Web site, ClickToEmpower.org, is a great resource for victims and survivors of domestic violence. This site is for “Real People with Real Stories.”

Here are some of the tools that ClickToEmpower.org offers:

Find Resources – Navigate through the site to get information on domestic violence, how The Allstate Foundation helps to financially empower women and where to get help.

Start a Conversation – Have something to say? Want to share a story with the community? Now, you can sign up for an account and start the dialogue with other members through the Click To Empower forum.

Spread the Word – Upload buttons and banners to your personal profile pages or forward a message to a family/friend to show your support to end domestic violence.

Engage with Social Networking Tools – Add Click To Empower to your Facebook or MySpace page. You can also view a series of YouTube survivor stories. The stories are told by the very women who survived abusive relationships and showcase The Allstate Foundation’s support of economic empowerment.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Itza Lota Fun With Itzabitza Game!

ItzaBitza is a great new educational game for children that teaches learning and creativity. Kids love this game because they draw their own pictures, things like houses and trees, and those drawings become part of the animation and story.

ItzaBitza combines how people learn with innovative drawing recognition technology that motivates kids to read by enabling them to contribute their own drawings to a story. The child's drawings come to life as part of the story. Help is always near - when the child hovers the mouse pointer over a word, a child's voice reads it out loud. In this way, ItzaBitza provides a new way for struggling readers to feel the power of reading with consistent reward.

ItzaBitza is great fun and it allows children to draw their story, watch it come to life and then read it. Most important is that it teaches kids to read in a fun and exciting way! Check out a trailer at www.itzabitza.com and you can also take advertise of a 2 day trial!