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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!! Giveaways Galore!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a very Happy and Safe New Year! I rarely do resolutions but this year I promise to give more of myself and touch lives in any way I can.

I also wanted to thank all of you for following my blog. This has been an incredible experience and I owe it to all of you and all of my sponsors. Please embrace this deep, heart-felt THANK YOU!! You are all so awesome!

Stay tuned tomorrow as I announce the winners of some exciting giveaways! I'll be starting out 2009 with Giveaways Galore and products to make 2009 the best year ever!

Please feel free to drop me a note if you have any suggestions for 2009; things you'd enjoy reading about, products you'd like to know more about, tips, giveaway opportunities, etc.

Happy New Year!!

Mrs. Butterworth, is that you?

I hope that all of you had a blessed Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas this year with all of our family. Watching the kids opening gifts and getting excited for Santa to come was the best. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I have to admit that even though I was ready for it to be done, it was depressing taking all the decorations down.

Well, they say that a picture can tell a thousand words. I have two to share along with the story. Many of you may not know this but Scott proposed to me last fall and we're planning a Spring 2009 wedding. Super exciting!! Anyway, Scott's older brother was engaged about a month after we were. His fiance, Julie is pictured on the right.

Julie and I have been like sisters to begin with and we both LOVE our wine. So we sat down to these beautiful wine boxes under the Christmas tree at our Christmas party and Julie says, "it's boose!". We opened our boxes slowly and discovered a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup!

I lost myself and could not stop laughing. What's so funny? Julie and I will BE Mrs. Butterworth!! I guess that means we'll be thick and rich, right? One thing is for sure: we may never be rich with money but we are rich in friends and family! That's all that matters!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor (Legacy Games) is now available for Wii. This game is so much fun especially for animal lovers and aspiring animal doctors! It gives you the chance to play veterinarian. Haley has loved animals from day 1 and she really gets into playing Pet Pals: Animal Doctor!

This simulation video game is comprised to 30 true-to-life medical cases where players treat multiple animal patients brought in for minor problems like sunburn, cuts and infections or more serious ailements.

Players heal over 30 different animals including dogs, ponies, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, fish, and many other familiar and exotic breeds. The healing is done using an assortment of realistic medical tools that are available via the Wii remote. It seems real when performing surgeries using the controller and Nunchuk.

Players also get to care for pets in recovery where they are responsible for the health, grooming and feeding along with providing them much needed TLC.

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor is a great way for kids to learn about pets and it's like bringing an animal hospital right into your living room! This game is rated E 10+ . It's available for purchase at retailers nationwide with suggested retail of $ 29.99. Please visit http://legacygames.com for more information!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Me Time: We Must Claim It!

When was the last time you have some "Me Time"? Doesn't it seem hard to pee in peace some days? We as women and mothers need to claim a little "me time" every now and again! We concern ourselves with tending to our careers, children, and husbands and all too often, we forget about ourselves.

Me Time, http://metime.com/, aims to shine the spotlight on us and the importance for women to find balance in our lives that allows us to care for everyone including ourselves!

What started out as a few t-shirt designs in early 2007 has now evolved into the next great women's brand. They offer great looking apparel that carries the all-important message of me time in a variety of colors and styles. Soon we will be able to purchase more than t-shirts too. Me Time has announced that they will be offering bottoms, tops, outerwear and hats to their line of apparel. Check it out at www.metime.com!

Stay Organized with Day-Timer Giveaway!

Day-Timer has so many great options to keep you organized for 2009! We all know how hectic our lives can be and we all try to be Supermom Marvels. Now we can keep it all together with Day-Timer!

And new for 2009, Day-Timer has come out with the 2009 Wellness Planner. This is so great because I know from personal experience that you'll see better results when you track your progress! This new planner was designed to support and motivate women to live a healthier lifestyle. It's packed full of information that is a source for sound nutritional advice plus practical solutions for helping get fit and healthy and staying that way! Four - color monthly tabs introduce each month's topic; daily pages have tips to inspire and guide you along the way to your goal. Includes a desk-sized snap-tab planner cover in burgundy and black. Concise two-page-per-week format provides space appointments, deadlines, to-do's, journal notes, as well as health and exercise notes.

Day-Timer also gives you the option to build your own planner.

Here's yet another great idea from Day-Timer to "get it together" in your purse! The Pouchee Ultimate Purse Organizer is a must-have for every woman's purse! I absolutely LOVE mine. I don't have to dig at the bottom of my purse to find my cell phone or my lip gloss anymore! I really love that I can keep all of my coupons organized! I'll have you know that I've saved over $80 in coupons in the past month just by having them organized! The Pouchee is stylish and comes in several different colors.

"Get it together" and "get with it" in 2009! Visit www.daytimer.com to view all of their superb products!

Giveaway: Click here and tell me what Day-Timer product would help organize your chaos. One winner will be selected to win the 2009 Wellness Planner. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. Ends 1/15/2009.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

JumpStart Announces New Contest For Kids

The adventure based 3D virtual world that's safe for kids, www.jumpstart.com, is announcing their very own Create Your Own Jumpee Avatar Contest! Your child can create their own unique avatar using countless combinations for hair color, hats, eyes, mouths, etc. Children can hop, jump, skip, and swim their way to cool prizes and non-stop adventure!

Kids can win cool daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways including: Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, free years subscription to jumpstart.com, and a $10,000 grand prize college scholarship!

Go to www.jumpstart.com and click the Jumpee contest tab or click here!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Minute Gift Ideas

With only a few precious shopping days left, here are some gift ideas from some wonderful companies! Here is the final edition of All American Mommy Holiday Gift Guide 2008.
Grill Charms has neat ideas for the "grill master", foodie, and makes a great stocking stuffer as well. Unique gift idea, Grill Charms are similar to the concept of wine charms and are available in many different designs. Check it out at www.grillcharms.com!

The Vintage DC Comics Superheroes 16-month calendar (Asgard Press) features a classic 1941 Superman on the cover followed by The Flash, Batman, and many others. It's a must-have for dads, grandpas, uncles.... visit www.asgardpress.com to view this and other releases!

Karafe. Do you love wine as much as I do? I love to drink it and yet wish I knew so much more about it! Now we can all learn about wine (everything from tasting to the wine industry itself) while playing Karafe! This is a wonderful gift idea for anyone and will make for lots for fun at your next party! Visit www.karafe.com for more information!

Just Be Products is a new line of graphic tees for the entire family! Just Be is a state of mind...a way of life...a philosophy..... to Just Be. These tees allow people to express how they feel or how they want to feel. Be Fabulous, Be Unique, Be Crazy, Be Flirty....tell the world how you want to Be! Visit www.jb-justbe.com for more information!

Happikins are kid-friendly cotton napkins that teach kids about being enviromentally responsible by cutting down on paper waste. Happikins come in the most adorable prints and each set contains 5 napkins and an adorable zippered pouch to store milk money and the dirty Happikin. Each pouch has a flap too so you can write little notes to your child. Check it out at www.happikins.com!

Send a Sock Gram! Sock Gram novelty socks come in a plethora of colors and designs perfect for the holidays or any occasion! Each Sock Gram comes with a personalized greeting card and free delivery across the country. They also come stuffed with a packet of organic foot balm. Let me tell you it is wonderful! Flowers wilt and die eventually so send a Sock Gram! Visit www.sockgrams.com for more information!

BuddhiWear offers eco-friendly casual clothing and sportswear with a flare! Thier garments are super soft, organic, green, and sweatshop labor free. OH AND, they plant a tree for every garment sold. Now that is so awesome! Visit www.buddhiwear.com to get some hip, comfortable clothes for everyone on your list!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Goosie Cards Giveaway

Goosie Cards® are the first and only custom flash cards for children. Goosie Cards are created online by the magic of your personal photos, creativity and language...by you for your children. Members log in to their account at Goosiecards.com, upload their own photos, add text to their cards and check out. All Goosie Cards are created and shipped to customers within 3 days. It's that easy!

Making Goosie Cards is fun! Every Goosie Card is unique with your favorite, real life photo and text. They are an innovative learning tool, designed to have fun with your photos, while creatively teaching your child about their world. They help your child learn visual object recognition in a playful way and help initiate communication. You can make a special set of flash cards for a little one that stars each member of their family to teach them who's who or maybe their own set of personal ABCs to teach them every letter in the alphabet from their point of view...like Mm is for Mommy. The wonderful thing about Goosie Cards is that they grow with your child. There is really no age limit on the custom cards because they are created as your child develops their reading, language and communication skills. You can create 10, 20 or 26 custom cards and the prices range from $28 to $46.

Another unique feature that they offer a gallery that offers over 150 FREE full color, beautiful professional photos to help you design your cards. Members can customize their cards with any combination of personal and stock photos to help reflect their child's immediate environment. Goosie Cards are the ultimate flash cards because their design capabilities are user friendly and flexible!

You can also give a Goosie Gift Certificate for 10, 20 or 26 cards that can be redeemed on line. Each gift certificate is addressed with your personal message for FREE. The gift certificate is enclosed in a high quality tri-fold gift package and includes everything you need to know about the company, the web site and directions on how to redeem the gift certificate. It also includes one custom Goosie Card sample for a hands-on experience of the quality of the cards. The best part about the gift package is that the price includes the cost of shipping and handling of the completed flash card set to the recipient! Ships in 3 days and prices start at $34 for 10 cards.

They are also available for purchase "as is". This is a perfect gift for a parent that loves the quality of our cards and photographs. They are wonderful teaching tools for children. Each set is created with full color, beautiful, professional photos designed to stimulate young minds. There are 11 categories to choose from: ABC's, Animal Kingdom, 123's, Favorite Foods, Head to Toe, What to Wear, Sign Language, Trucks & Tractors, Shapes & Colors, Mix & Match and our new category Busy Bugs (release date November). Stock card sets range in age from 3 months to 5 years. Cards ship in 3 days and prices range from $16 to $32 depending on the set.

Goosie Cards are also being used by parents, teachers and medical professionals in the autism and special needs community. The benefit of Goosie Cards is that parents and teachers have the flexibility to teach and communicate with real life photos that reflect the world around each child, exactly as it is so it meets the needs of each unique child. Goosie Cards can help children with autism to learn a variety of skills to communicate effectively in the following areas: social, emotional, sequential, memory and communication skills. I support these families with a discount program to provide some relief in price, while providing one of the most advanced, communication learning systems on the market.

Goosie Cards received the 2008 Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine.

Giveaway: I have three gift certificate packages ($34 value) to giveaway to three lucky winners! Post a comment telling me what you like best about Goosie Cards. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. Ends 1/22/2009.

Free Shipping Promo: Enter code freeship08 and get free shipping from now until 12/31/08!

Shape It Up With Sculptz

Whether your dressing for work or all the holiday parties, Sculptz Shapewear is an essential for every woman's wardrobe! I started wearing my Scupltz as soon as I received them. Thank you Sculptz!! They will not pinch you or cut you off, making you feel like your packed into them! They are smooth, comfortable and really give you a nice shapely figure. Hey, if you weren't born with it you can atleast fake it! Sculptz is a necessity when it comes to looking great in that little black dress!

A woman's silloutte is meant to be smooth and shapely - that's the motto behind Sculptz. Exclusive shaping control panels accent your curves by flattening your tummy, lifting your rear and slimming your hips and thighs. Plus the specially engeineered nylon/spandex blend gives you a smooth line and shapely look without squeezing, pinching, or binding. Designed to shape your body beautifully and comfortably!

Sculptz Shapewear are made with the highest quality and worth the money! Stop wasting your money on regular hose and get some today! Please visit www.scuptzshapewear.com for more information!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BabyLegs Giveaway

BabyLegs are a must-have, especially during this time of the year! They are so adorable and come in so many different colors and designs, you're sure to find something to coordinate with each and every outfit! Keep babies legs warm, cozy, and stylin with BabyLegs!

BabyLegs are made for boys and girls ages 0-6. BabyLegs are the fashionable alternative to tights and help protect little knees from bumps and rug burn. They also help make diaper changing so much easier than having to pull tights on and off. With the new styles on longer shirts and dresses, you cannot go wrong with BabyLegs!

BabyLegs range in price from $12 to $28 a pair and make a unique gift and stocking stuffer. This would also make an excellent baby shower gift! Visit www.babylegs.com for a list of retailers, upcoming events, and to view their complete adorable selection!

Giveaway: I have a pair of Spice BabyLegs to giveaway to one lucky winner. Post a comment telling me what you like most about BabyLegs. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. Ends 1/20/2009.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fab Finds for Every Mom-To-Be!

I recommend Utterly Yours for every mom-to-be! My friend has been using one and absolutely loves it! I remember being pregnant with Haley and the only thing I could find was a body pillow. I’d still flop around and you should know that the body pillow is the size of another body! Jesh, even my king-size bed could hardly fit all of us! Utterly Yours will allow you to get the comfortable rest you need without taking up too much room.

Utterly Yours recently won an award from Disney's iParenting Group and the executive panel of reviewer comments mirrored what OBGYN's and pregnant mothers using the product have said. It has a huge success rate in reducing back pain for pregnant women within just the first few nights of using the product. Visit http://utterlyyours.com/ for more information!

Yoga with Your Baby DVD is for babies and toddlers 3 months to 4 years old. Yoga with Your Baby helps facilitates digestion, improves sleep, increases balance, and promotes healthy brain development. It introduces playful, easy, interactive yoga poses, calms and grounds you, so you can relax into a state of attunement. Also helps support a respectful, loving interaction with your baby, encourages physical, mental & emotional levels of connection, and helps you develop mindfulness & cultivate compassionate awareness. Visit http://yogawithyourbaby.com/

Yoga With Your Baby has been Awarded by the following:

KIDS FIRST! endorsement by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media (http://www.kidsfirst.org/)

Seal of Excellence from the Creative Child's Awards (http://www.creativechildmag.com/)

Many parents are often overwhelmed by parenthood and adjusting to a major life transition. Yoga with Your Baby provides practices for busy parents to connect ( "live in the moment") and bond more effectively with their baby. Through yoga, song and dance, parents and babies explore the joy of moving and stretching one's body. The program offers a wonderful, easy-to-use method to weave mindfulness practice into a busy lifestyle. Moreover, it helps parents nurture a growing relationship with their child.

Yoga with Your Baby features 15 playful baby yoga poses and 20 practices for parents including: yoga postures, deep relaxation, breathing practices and meditation. Of special interest are two audio tracks: a baby audio track for ages 3 to 17 months, and a toddler track for ages 18 months to 4 years old. The second track focuses on the unique developmental needs of the growing toddler.

Make bath time an ocean adventure with Go Fish! Go Fish is a kid friendly collection that recreates the adventures of the ocean at home in the tub! Bright, bold and colorful, Go Fish is based on four fun sea characters each with their very own fruity scent. The lineup features play-oriented cleaning products, vibrant colors, friendly graphics, unique packaging, child-friendly ingredients and deliciously fruity fragrances…all sure to turn bath time into sudsy fun! See attached for more info. GO Fish Collection available in four fun-themed scents: Dolphin - Blueberry Burst, Octopus - Cherry Bubblegum, Turtle - Melon Madness, and Lobster - Orange Frosty. Visit http://uppercanadasoap.com/ for more information!

Fun For All Ages!

I love playing with the Dodge Turbo Wheelie Viper! It pulls super cool wheelies!! This is a fun toy for any age! The Dodge Officially Licensed Turbo Wheelie Viper revs up to high speed with one push of a button and a cool combination of wheelie stunts and turns. The motorized forward and reverse driving makes cool vehicle sounds and has fun vocal phrases and light effects perfect for any young car lover. BTW our cat loves chasing it too! It's fun for the whole family! The Dodge Turbo Wheelie Viper is available at www.toystate.com, ToysRUs, Walmart, Target, and KB Toys.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Share with We-Care.com!

Sharing IS Caring!

We-Care.com is an online marketplace that represents more than 700 retailers and every purchase means a donation to charity. The merchants include household names like Target, FAO Schwarz, Smith & Hawken, Nike and more. They also work with small boutiques so there’s something for everyone. Check it out at http://we-care.com.

Shoppers can direct their donation to ANY charity. Any school, non-profit or association is elgible and shoppers can identify them at any time. Contributions can begin immediately.We-Care.com is a better way of shopping. You can shop as you normally do, at your favorite online merchants, but by adding an extra click through We-Care.com or using our plug-in, a percentage of the purchase is donated to the nonprofit, school, or association of your choice. Merchants include retail, travel, financial services and quite a bit more. For more information, please visit http://we-care.com.

Countdown to Christmas: Top Pick Toys

Green Toys’ line of classic toys uses recycled plastic milk containers to make safe, eco-friendly children’s toys that do not contain phthalates, Bispenol-A (BPA), or lead and also meet FDA food contact standards.They have been named one of Dr. Toy’s Top 100 and were named Parenting Magazine Top Toys Of 2008. Visit www.greentoys.com for more information and store locations.

HURU HUMIs™ are fun and inspiring! You can chat with them, play games, and be endlessly entertained by their quirky personalities. They’re also techno works of art with voice recognition technology, motion sensors, wireless communication capabilities and digital displays. HURU HUMIs™ can help develop social skills. HURU HUMIs™ can help kids build social skills because introducing HURU HUMIs™ to each other is a great reason for kids to get together to play rather than isolating them with internet-based play patterns. HURU HUMIs™ will help children learn about the basic customs of communication and friendships. It’s fun and very important for kids to have friends to talk to and HURU HUMIs™ are digital personalities that can be your friend and teach you how to be a good friend to others. Each HURU HUMI™ costs $29.99. They can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Kmart and Toys R Us.

Play Ball the Board Game is a patent pending educational sports game created by Mr. Keith Neubauer to assist an experienced player in teaching an inexperienced player the basics of baseball. The game is designed for children ages four to seven. It is ideal for parents or grandparents or even older siblings (experienced in the game of baseball) and their children, brothers or sisters or grandchildren (inexperienced in the game of baseball) about America’s favorite pastime. Visit www.playballtheboardgame.com for more information!

Home/Indoor Game that's perfect for 4-7 years old! Haley loves playing this game and her friends have really enjoyed it too! They have to hunt for treasure by solving the clues on each clue card. It's just as much fun to hide the treasure as it is to hunt for it! Visit www.wheego.com for more information and to purchase this fun game!

WordWorld is an Emmy-winning PBS KIDS television series that reaches children ages 3-5 in 22 countries internationally. WordWorld has also created a series of award-winning toys AND an interactive website. The WordWorld toy series are designed to bridge the gap between letter recognition and learning to read. WordWorld toys are available exclusively at www.target.com. Go to www.wordworld.com for more information on WordWorld.

Positive role models and messages for young girls! Only Hearts Club consists of a eight culturally diverse, poseable fashion dolls who look and dress like real girls and who formed a club with a promise to “listen to your heart and do the right thing.” Taylor Angelique, Karina Grace, Olivia Hope, Briana Joy, Lily Rose, Anna Sophia, Kayla Rae and Hannah Faith are nine inches tall (each). Each doll’s story revolves around her hobby. For instance, Anna Sophia loves to cook, Taylor Angelique likes to care for animals and Briana Joy is into the heart-pumping action of sports! They are fully poseable with highly detailed and life-like features, such as bright eyes, fashionable hair styles, and soft bodies. Visit www.onlyheartsclub.com for more information. Also available at Target stores.

A great gift for kids and adults alike, Hal and Holly Moose™ are two of our newest furry friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop®. Hal Moose™ is a free-spirited dreamer who is determined to fly with Santa’s Reindeer, and his light-up antlers are sure to brighten any holiday setting. Holly Moose™ is a tech savvy, level-headed inventor, who is always there helping her brother on his latest adventure. Both can be dressed in an array of styles – ranging from street clothes to the latest holiday attire.

And, in this “beary” first Build-A-Bear Workshop® furry friend-inspired story, “Holly & Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure,” this sibling duo comes to life as they share a Christmas adventure and discover that when they combine their minds and talents, anything is possible, even helping Santa save Christmas! The storybook is FREE when you buy both Holly & Moose ($18 each), and available for sale for $15.99. Fans can also extend the fun and enjoy Hal and Holly’s adventures exclusively online at buildabearville.com™ – the Build-A-Bear Workshop virtual world stuffed with fun.

Kooky Klickers are the must-have stocking stuffer this year. They are flying off the shelves at major retailers everywhere! Haley's entire class loves them because her second grade teacher carries one on her lanyard and uses it specifically for grading their papers. They are super cute and each have a different design with their own unique personality. Visit www.kookys.com for more information!

Pirate King is a new twist on classic game play. Seamlessly blending classic board game genres into one exciting adventure, players, or in this case Captains, sail around the Caribbean capturing territories and building fortifications while picking up crewmen and cannons for their ships as well as great mysterious treasures that aid in combat, movement, economics and even curses!

This is a game of economic management, property building, and naval combat. Pirate King compares to games like Monopoly and Risk but with a greater depth of strategy. Imagine a game of monopoly where you could attack Boardwalk and capture it from you opponent rather than just paying rent. Visit www.flasterventure.com for more information!

The JamboKids dolls and storybook characters represent a range of cultures - Asian, African, Hispanic, North American, and Russian -- reflecting the growing cultural diversity of our society. Through their adventures, they inspire kids to appreciate differences that they may encounter in our own culture and prepare them for a global world by modeling life skills and values that promote cognitive development, emotional maturity, social awareness, civic mindedness, and other virtues that are universally valued by people across the world. These fabric dolls are just right for small children -- they're soft and huggable, look like real kids, are culturally diverse, and affordable! JamboKids was recently awarded 6 Preferred Choice Awards from Creative Child Magazine (November 2008). Visit www.jambokids.com to purchase or for more information.

These unique and innovative 3-dimensional, round jigsaw puzzles (which range in price from $14.99 to $39.99) come in 18 colorful images in sizes ranging from 60 to 540 pieces. Each puzzleball® has perfectly crafted, curved plastic pieces so that once completed you have a solid, smooth ball – with no glue required. And, if you need a hint, each piece is conveniently numbered on its underside. Constructing a Ravensburger puzzleball® is entertaining, educational and fun for all ages. They can be found at a number of specialty toy retailers throughout the United States (a store locator is available on the Web site), online at www.ravensburger.com/US, or by calling 1-800-886-1236

TAG Toys is a U.S. Toy company that manufactures high-quality, all natural wooden toys for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The entire TAG Toy collection is designed for children under 6-yrs old, and the toys are based on learning and early childhood development fundamentals. TAG Toys are known as Smart Toys, or toys that help children think and grow, perfect for families with young children! Visit www.TAGToys.com!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Indiana Jones Toy Giveaway

Another All American Mommy Top Pick Boy Toy this holiday season is the Indiana Jones releases from Uncle Milton! Boys ages 6 and up will love these and they are available at most major retailers or at unclemilton.com.

Indiana Jones Giant RC Ant from Uncle Milton

In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indy faces many dangers, not the least of which is a swarm of huge, deadly ants. Now you can control a giant ant complete with realistic jaw chomping mandibles! Use the Crystal Skull remote to send your ant scurrying across the floor. It’s ultra-creepy and sure to scare family and friends. Ages: 6 and up SRP: $29.99

Indiana Jones Lost City Archeology Dig from Uncle Milton

Join Indiana Jones on an adventure as you dig, discover and document priceless artifacts and treasure. As you unlock the mysteries of the Mayan themed dig site, an exciting secret will be revealed! Ages: 8 and up SRP: $29.99

Indiana Jones Room Booby Trap from Uncle Milton

Defend your room against nosey friends and little brothers with an exciting, playful set of booby traps inspired by the Indiana Jones movie series! Learn about the science of gears and levers! Ages: 8 and up SRP: $39.99

Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Adventure Projector from Uncle Milton

Watch as the Crystal Skull projects amazing images from its glowing eye. Professor Jones will be your tour guide as you visit exciting archeological discoveries of the world and famous scenes from the Indiana Jones movies. Ages: 8 and up SRP: $39.99

Giveaway: I have the Indiana Jones Lost City Archeology Dig from Uncle Milton to giveaway! Post a comment telling me who you’d like to win this for. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. Ends 12/31/08.

Spread Varsity Cheer

Great gift idea for tweens and teens from PBTeen! This holiday season, Varsity Spirit and PBteen will bring a little “cheer” to children and teens everywhere with Varsity Cheer, a new collection designed for the ultimate fan to root for their team with the NCA or the UCA at home or on the go. Varsity Cheer is available at PBteen.com.

Varsity Cheer Patch Duvet Cover & Sham - Root for your home team and your favorite

cheer association. Soft cotton twill is topped with an official patch from the National

Cheerleaders Association or the Universal Cheerleaders Association. The bedding is

branded for NCA in Pink or Blue; UCA in Pink on White or Blue on White. The duvet

Cover comes in Twin for $119 and the Full/Queen for $159. Each sham is $39.

Varsity Cheer Megaphone Pillow Cover (Bottom Center) - A graphic megaphone

appliqué is stitched onto cotton twill. Personalize it for more team spirit. The pillow is 18"

square and comes branded for UCA in Pink or NCA in Blue for $25.

Varsity Cheer Bag Collection – Organize all your gear with this compact collection topped with an NCA or UCA patch. Both bags have pockets inside and out. Bags come branded as NCA in Blue or UCA in Pink. The Duffle is 20 x 10 x 10.5" h. and available for $69. The Toiletry Bag is 10 x 4 x 7" h. and available for $29.

Dottie Water Bottle - Stay hydrated on the go with our new aluminum bottle designed

with a twist-off carrier cap. Holds 12 fl. oz. in Pink or Blue for $10. Click here to view all products from pbteen!