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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fab Finds For Baby Giveaways

Check out these great product reviews and giveaways for some fabulous baby products! KABOOST and Dabib giveaways are ending soon so don't miss out on your chance to win! Click here to skip on over!

Dexter Philip

GUM® and Crayola Giveaway Prize Pack

Does your child dread brushing their teeth? Now Sunstar’s GUM® brand has come out with the Crayola Light Timer Toothbrush. This great new toothbrush makes brushing fun for kids! It's a fun and colorful toothbrush designed especially to help kids practice better dental hygiene. Haley loves these new toothbrushes!

According to dentists, children don't brush their teeth long enough. Longer brushing aids in more plague removal and a healthier smile. The Crayola Light Timer Toothbrush is available in blue, green, red and yellow. It has colorful lights in the handle that when activated by pushing the button, flash for 60 seconds to encourage kids to brush longer. Recommended by dental hygienists, the toothbrush is said to increase brushing time with the help of its flashing light. The brush also has a suction cup base which Haley thinks is the best! The suction cup base not only makes it fun to stick in a million places, but also helps keep the bristles clean. Haley sticks her toothbrush to the mirror or to the faucet.

Colorful LED lights flash for 60 second intervals to help kids brush longer!
  • Longer brushing leads to more plaque removal and a healthy smile.
  • Two color coordinated lights illuminate the entire brush.
  • Suction cup base reduces counter clutter and helps keep bristles cleaner.
  • Crayola™ brand appeals to boys and girls.
  • Dome Trim® bristles remove plaque more effectively.
  • Colorful, ultra-soft bristles are gentle on childrens' teeth and tissues.
  • Narrow, tapered head is comfortable in small mouths and just right for 4-11 year olds.
  • Available in four fun colors - red, blue, green and yellow.
  • Sold in package of 1 toothbrush.

Kids can have even more fun and learn more about dental health with the GumClub. There are fun coloring pages and other activities too! Check it out here!

Save $1.00 now by using promo code CRAYTL at gumbrand.com!

Giveaway: GUM is offering a gift bag including the Crayola Light Timer Toothbrush and other goodies from GUM brand. Post a comment telling me who you'd like to win this for. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. Ends 3/14/09.

Win $50 Gift Cards to Carrabba's

Carrabba's is our favorite Italian restaurant! Scott and I had our first date there! Don't miss out on this chance to win $50 gift cards! Bits From A Brit is hosting this wonderful giveaway. Click here to enter!

PWS Hosting Huggable Hangers Giveaway

Parents With Style is hosting a giveaway for Huggable Hangers. Spring is a great time to dig in and get the closets all organized! Check out this great review of Huggable Hangers that provides great tips on closet organization and enter to win 25 hangers! Click here to check it out!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now I'm A Smart Shopper Giveaway

Let it be known that grocery shopping is NOT my forte! I can use all the help I can get. I love gadgets and have wanted a Smart Shopper for some time. I jumped at the opportunity to review one! Plus….you get the chance to win one!

I love the simplicity of this clever little machine! Nice clear buttons make it easy for reading and understanding. The Smart Shopper takes 4 double A batteries and comes with 3 rolls of printing paper and mounting hardware if you want it somewhere other than your refrigerator. Otherwise, it’s magnetic and sticks to the frig perfectly!

Here’s how it works: Simply hit record and say your item. The machine finds the closest 3 matches and allows you to choose which one you want to select. Using your arrow keys, highlight your choice and click select and it’s added! If you have a coupon, you can also tell it that so that you’ll have a little icon reminding you that you have a coupon for that item. Yes, yes, yes……I love my coupons!

The Smart Shopper comes with over 2,500 grocery items that it recognizes. Another great feature is that you can program you own items in as well. I love the fact that it separates and organizes your grocery list by department. No more running from the check out to the back of the store for one forgotten item.

Giveaway: Post a comment telling me how this gadget would make your life easier. For an extra chance to win, click here to enter these more giveaways. Comment back letting me know what giveaways you entered. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. Ends 3/16/09.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beat The Economy With Healthy Ones

At our house, we always try to take a lunch from home. Now with Healthy Ones lunchmeats, they help make it easy to save money AND eat healthier lunches! Healthy Ones are naturally low in fat because they are made from lean premium meats with no fillers of artificial flavors.

Save time - buy reusable containers for snack items that you can buy in bulk. Nuts, raisins, fruits and veggies, etc. Keep these items on hand along with Healthy Ones lunchmeats and wholegrain bread.

Save money - eating at home and packing lunches is healthier and can save you as much as $3,500 per year. Whoa, that's a lot of money!

Save calories - I added the calories and fat for a fastfood value meal. 820 calories and 32 grams of fat for a fastfood value meal. You can save 500 calories +/-, in one meal, just by packing a lunch! Whoa, that's a lot of banked calories! Not to mention, WAY better for your heart!

Beat boredom - Heathly Ones are available in an assortment of varieties including ham, turkey breast and roast beef. You can make a sandwich, add it to a bed of greens for a super salad, make a flavorful wrap, or eat with crackers and cheese. So many yummy ways!

Healthy Ones product line includes deli counter and packaged lunchmeats, smoked sausages, breakfast sausages and franks. Please visit http://healthy-ones.com for more information.

Giveaway: Win a Healthy Ones lunch eco-friendly lunch tote along with a coupon for a FREE Healthy Ones lunchmeat! Post a comment with your own tips for packing a healthy/affordable lunch or what you're doing to save money this year. Ends 3/2/09.

Land's End 20% Off Event


Spring is almost here and it's time to start buying spring jackets and warmer weather clothing! This is also a super time to scoop up great savings on winter merchandise! Don't miss out on the great deals from Land's End!!

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