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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Funnies

Friday Fun

I love to read random things that make me laugh and I'm always surfing around for new reads. If you're married you may be able to relate to this ad. It was in the "free to good home" section.


My husband said it's him or the dog? So, it was a tough choice, but the dog only takes up part of the bed, and he doesn't steal the covers, so I'm keeping the dog.

Husband has tendency to wander, likes to sleep all day, will play with his balls, isn't house trained, but will beg to go out. Needs fenced yard without grass to mow, a home with plentiful food (favorite food is pizza) and drink (loves beer). Gets along well with other dogs, doesn't much care for cats or children. Has little redeeming value, but he is cute. Comes from a long line of hunters, would love to be your hunting companion. Knows Sit, Heel, Stay, and Down. Doesn't always do them? But he knows those commands, don't let him try to convince you he doesn't. Is current on all shots, pretty healthy, has had his teeth cleaned recently, and is NOT NEUTERED. I'd be happy to help pay for the neutering.

Too good home, fee negotiable, I know I can't get anywhere near what I've got in him back. Comes with 49'ers T shirt, large flat screen tv, and a big truck but only the T shirt is paid for.

Serious inquiries only!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Healthy Snacks? For picky eaters? It's right here!

Clif Bar Natural Energy Bars

I have finally found a healthy snacking alternative for Haley (7 years old and loves sugar and chocolate)! They offer 17 different flavors I personally like all of them. All the ingredients are natural and organic and best of all you can find them at health food store and most large grocery retailers.

These bars are filling and they are packed with vitamins, protein, and fiber. Oh yeah, and they don’t taste like other health food snacks that taste like chewing on grass or eating cardboard. Yuck! These are the best! Haley has grown to be quite a picky eater and she loves these so much that she requests one in her lunch every day. Chocolate brownie is her fave!

Haley prefers the taste of the natural energy bars over the “kids” bars that they offer.

They are a “green” company and also support keeping our earth a great place to live!

Pick one up today! For details on more products from this company, visit their website: www.clifbar.com.

SanDisk Sansa Fuse MP3 Player

SanDisk Sansa Fuse 2GB

My fiancĂ©, Scott, bought me my first MP3 player for my birthday. I was so excited about this gift for several reasons. First, he thought of a great gift all on his own with no hints or ideas. Second, I am a HUGE music fan! You all know how I especially love 80’s music. Third, it was like getting a new toy. After all, mom has to have some fun toys too! Haley convinced me to add every Hannah Montana song for her too. ;) And let me tell you that I stayed up late every night for nearly a week downloading songs. It was a blast but 5AM came way too early during that week!

I am very pleased with the quality and sound of the Sansa Fuse and I highly recommend it. I found it to be user friendly. Plug the USB cord into your computer and it will walk you through all of the steps. You create your own play lists, drop and drag, and you’re on your way.

I have not had the opportunity, however, to try any of the IPOD’s. I hope to review them in the future so I can give you full details on the comparison!

Listen, watch and play all day with 24 hours of battery life and room for up to 2000 songs. The Sansa Fuse from SanDisk is your portable music machine with 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB of storage. Watch your favorite video clips on the Sansa Fuze's 1.9" color screen. Jam to FM radio with 40 preset stations, play with the built-in voice recorder, and share your photos wherever you go. Choose from five electric colors: blue, red, pink, black or silver. Incredible battery life in a 0.3" thin device - the Sansa Fuze marks the next wave of music and video players.

The Sansa Fuse retails for $79.99-99.99. Best Buy always has them in stock. Check out their website for specials and deals: www.bestbuy.com

Oh, Charlie!

Not sure if any of you have seen this clip but I just had to share it. This little guys accent is so cute! My daughter, Haley, has been telling us that Charlie bit her finger in the best accent she can do. Too cute!! Charlie bit my finger!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


In Loving Memory or Dorit Shapiro who is the Founder of the Gal to Gal Foundation.
Dorit lost her battle with cancer yesterday. (Oct. 12th) So we are in need of your donations please help us meet her goal of $250,000 ..please join our team at www.galtogalwalk.org.


It is unfortunate that most of use know survivors or victims of breast cancer! It strikes woman of every age group in almost epidemic proportions! Please find it in your heart to help!

(TEAM BELISI) We are only asking for $5.00 so no other woman will suffer from Stage IV Breast Cancer. Thanks!

The virtual walk Starts on Weds. Oct. 1st and what I am asking is for you to go to both sites and http://www.desginhergals.com/ and http://www.galtogalfoundation.org/, and donate $5.00 to my team to help us meet our goal. Once you create a GAL FOR YOURSELF and a GUY for the man in your life..join our virtual walk.

This is a huge event and we want to raise a ton of money. COME ON AND HELP US OUT PLEASE!.. It is so easy to do!

My friends, Claire from Bits from a Brit and Shanda from Parents with Style will be hosting a benefit here in Michigan on Oct. 18th to help raise more money!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Junie B. Jones Books

Reading is a favorite family activity at our house and we enjoy it even more now with Barbara Parks series of Junie B. Jones books! I have to tell you that each time Haley gets a new one, I think I'm more excited to read it than she is.

Our family favorite is Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. From the back cover - Remember when it was scary to go to school? 'Cause it was your first day and you didn't know anything. Meet Junie B. Jones, kindergartner. She's so scared of the school bus and the meanies on it that when it's time to go home, she doesn't.

Barbara Park is brilliant! These chapter books are great for the beginning reader. If you have ever read one of these books you will totally understand what I mean when I say "wowwie, wow, wow, these are the bestest book ever"!

Check out all 26 Junie B. Jones books @ http://www.randomhouse.com/kids/junieb/letter/letter.html


Tell me about your favorite children's book and you could win a Junie B. Jones boxed set! Please be sure to include your email address so I can email you if you are the winner.


Many of you know the name CHICCO and that this company represents high quality products. My girlfriend Shanda and her family were fortunate enough to get to review this fabulous stroller all summer long. The Chicco Trevi Twin Stroller is the best stroller she has ever used. Not because this was given, but rather because of the quality level and ease of use. In just a few seconds it can be locked into place and ready for your children. It's also a snap to collapse when not in use. I would definitely recommend this to any family looking for a new stroller.

Lightweight, aluminum frame weighs only 23 lbs!
Multi-position, individually adjustable seats & leg supports
All-wheel suspension and front swivel wheels with locks
Individually adjustable canopies, large storage baskets, and parent cup holder
Five-point safety harnesses with thickly padded shoulder straps
Compact, one-hand activated, umbrella style folding
Automatic storage latch and carry handle
For use from Birth up to 40 lbs in each seat
The Chicco Trevi Twin has a light-weight aluminum frame weighing only 23 lbs. The multi-position, individually reclining seats and adjustable leg supports provide comfort and security with 5-point harnesses. All-wheel suspension and front wheel swivel locks provide a smooth ride. The adjustable, removable canopies, with zip-off back flap for ventilation, window & storage pocket protect from rain, wind and cold. The large baskets provide plenty of storage for all the things your children need. Convenient parent's cup holder included. The compact, one-hand activated, umbrella style folding, automatic storage latch & carry handle makes travel and storage easy.