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Friday, August 15, 2008

Chatterchix Collectible Cards

Chatterchix Collectible Cards are the latest and greatest thing for any girl aged 5 to 12. They make a perfect and exciting gift for any girl! These glossy cards showcase the diversity and personalities of American girl power across each of the 50 states. Their site has so much to offer for young girls to connect with each other.

Beyond the original 50 ChatterChik trading cards - depicting one girl from each state - are ChatterPet cards AND a lively website (www.chatterchix.com) that offers dairy entries, weekly chatter topics and educational activities to get a girl through the day (and night with homework).

Moms and their kids are raving about Chatterchix and it's no wonder why! It's a great alternative to T.V. It's fun, interesting, educational, and helps kids with their social skills.

While girls will love reading about young people from various parts of the nation, they are actually getting a geography lesson. Each card lists fun facts about the ChatterChik's home state - the capital, flower, bird and nickname.

About the inventor, Robyn Bard:
Robyn is a former teacher and mother of three who hopes to inspire a whole generation of young females to find common ground in girls from every corner of the country who juggle homework, family, pets and after-school activities.

ChatterChix trading cards come in packs or 6 mystery cards with rare cards like Emily from Florida, found in one of every 8 packs. So far the company has produced 25 ChatterChik state cards and 10 ChatterPet cards. New trading cards will be released soon. The cards are sold for $2.99 per pack at national chains like Learning Express plus specialty stores. Also available are ChatterChix Trading Card Binders for $14.95 each. Click on the website's store locator for a store near you.

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