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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Countdown to Christmas: Top Pick Toys

Green Toys’ line of classic toys uses recycled plastic milk containers to make safe, eco-friendly children’s toys that do not contain phthalates, Bispenol-A (BPA), or lead and also meet FDA food contact standards.They have been named one of Dr. Toy’s Top 100 and were named Parenting Magazine Top Toys Of 2008. Visit www.greentoys.com for more information and store locations.

HURU HUMIs™ are fun and inspiring! You can chat with them, play games, and be endlessly entertained by their quirky personalities. They’re also techno works of art with voice recognition technology, motion sensors, wireless communication capabilities and digital displays. HURU HUMIs™ can help develop social skills. HURU HUMIs™ can help kids build social skills because introducing HURU HUMIs™ to each other is a great reason for kids to get together to play rather than isolating them with internet-based play patterns. HURU HUMIs™ will help children learn about the basic customs of communication and friendships. It’s fun and very important for kids to have friends to talk to and HURU HUMIs™ are digital personalities that can be your friend and teach you how to be a good friend to others. Each HURU HUMI™ costs $29.99. They can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Kmart and Toys R Us.

Play Ball the Board Game is a patent pending educational sports game created by Mr. Keith Neubauer to assist an experienced player in teaching an inexperienced player the basics of baseball. The game is designed for children ages four to seven. It is ideal for parents or grandparents or even older siblings (experienced in the game of baseball) and their children, brothers or sisters or grandchildren (inexperienced in the game of baseball) about America’s favorite pastime. Visit www.playballtheboardgame.com for more information!

Home/Indoor Game that's perfect for 4-7 years old! Haley loves playing this game and her friends have really enjoyed it too! They have to hunt for treasure by solving the clues on each clue card. It's just as much fun to hide the treasure as it is to hunt for it! Visit www.wheego.com for more information and to purchase this fun game!

WordWorld is an Emmy-winning PBS KIDS television series that reaches children ages 3-5 in 22 countries internationally. WordWorld has also created a series of award-winning toys AND an interactive website. The WordWorld toy series are designed to bridge the gap between letter recognition and learning to read. WordWorld toys are available exclusively at www.target.com. Go to www.wordworld.com for more information on WordWorld.

Positive role models and messages for young girls! Only Hearts Club consists of a eight culturally diverse, poseable fashion dolls who look and dress like real girls and who formed a club with a promise to “listen to your heart and do the right thing.” Taylor Angelique, Karina Grace, Olivia Hope, Briana Joy, Lily Rose, Anna Sophia, Kayla Rae and Hannah Faith are nine inches tall (each). Each doll’s story revolves around her hobby. For instance, Anna Sophia loves to cook, Taylor Angelique likes to care for animals and Briana Joy is into the heart-pumping action of sports! They are fully poseable with highly detailed and life-like features, such as bright eyes, fashionable hair styles, and soft bodies. Visit www.onlyheartsclub.com for more information. Also available at Target stores.

A great gift for kids and adults alike, Hal and Holly Moose™ are two of our newest furry friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop®. Hal Moose™ is a free-spirited dreamer who is determined to fly with Santa’s Reindeer, and his light-up antlers are sure to brighten any holiday setting. Holly Moose™ is a tech savvy, level-headed inventor, who is always there helping her brother on his latest adventure. Both can be dressed in an array of styles – ranging from street clothes to the latest holiday attire.

And, in this “beary” first Build-A-Bear Workshop® furry friend-inspired story, “Holly & Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure,” this sibling duo comes to life as they share a Christmas adventure and discover that when they combine their minds and talents, anything is possible, even helping Santa save Christmas! The storybook is FREE when you buy both Holly & Moose ($18 each), and available for sale for $15.99. Fans can also extend the fun and enjoy Hal and Holly’s adventures exclusively online at buildabearville.com™ – the Build-A-Bear Workshop virtual world stuffed with fun.

Kooky Klickers are the must-have stocking stuffer this year. They are flying off the shelves at major retailers everywhere! Haley's entire class loves them because her second grade teacher carries one on her lanyard and uses it specifically for grading their papers. They are super cute and each have a different design with their own unique personality. Visit www.kookys.com for more information!

Pirate King is a new twist on classic game play. Seamlessly blending classic board game genres into one exciting adventure, players, or in this case Captains, sail around the Caribbean capturing territories and building fortifications while picking up crewmen and cannons for their ships as well as great mysterious treasures that aid in combat, movement, economics and even curses!

This is a game of economic management, property building, and naval combat. Pirate King compares to games like Monopoly and Risk but with a greater depth of strategy. Imagine a game of monopoly where you could attack Boardwalk and capture it from you opponent rather than just paying rent. Visit www.flasterventure.com for more information!

The JamboKids dolls and storybook characters represent a range of cultures - Asian, African, Hispanic, North American, and Russian -- reflecting the growing cultural diversity of our society. Through their adventures, they inspire kids to appreciate differences that they may encounter in our own culture and prepare them for a global world by modeling life skills and values that promote cognitive development, emotional maturity, social awareness, civic mindedness, and other virtues that are universally valued by people across the world. These fabric dolls are just right for small children -- they're soft and huggable, look like real kids, are culturally diverse, and affordable! JamboKids was recently awarded 6 Preferred Choice Awards from Creative Child Magazine (November 2008). Visit www.jambokids.com to purchase or for more information.

These unique and innovative 3-dimensional, round jigsaw puzzles (which range in price from $14.99 to $39.99) come in 18 colorful images in sizes ranging from 60 to 540 pieces. Each puzzleball® has perfectly crafted, curved plastic pieces so that once completed you have a solid, smooth ball – with no glue required. And, if you need a hint, each piece is conveniently numbered on its underside. Constructing a Ravensburger puzzleball® is entertaining, educational and fun for all ages. They can be found at a number of specialty toy retailers throughout the United States (a store locator is available on the Web site), online at www.ravensburger.com/US, or by calling 1-800-886-1236

TAG Toys is a U.S. Toy company that manufactures high-quality, all natural wooden toys for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The entire TAG Toy collection is designed for children under 6-yrs old, and the toys are based on learning and early childhood development fundamentals. TAG Toys are known as Smart Toys, or toys that help children think and grow, perfect for families with young children! Visit www.TAGToys.com!


crazy mommy of 4 said...

These are great gift ideas. I especially love the name puzzles..what a great way to teach a child to spell his/her name!

Treasures By Brenda said...

A great list of gift ideas! There are so many jigsaw puzzles available. You might enjoy reading Looking For A Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle.