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Monday, December 29, 2008

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor (Legacy Games) is now available for Wii. This game is so much fun especially for animal lovers and aspiring animal doctors! It gives you the chance to play veterinarian. Haley has loved animals from day 1 and she really gets into playing Pet Pals: Animal Doctor!

This simulation video game is comprised to 30 true-to-life medical cases where players treat multiple animal patients brought in for minor problems like sunburn, cuts and infections or more serious ailements.

Players heal over 30 different animals including dogs, ponies, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, fish, and many other familiar and exotic breeds. The healing is done using an assortment of realistic medical tools that are available via the Wii remote. It seems real when performing surgeries using the controller and Nunchuk.

Players also get to care for pets in recovery where they are responsible for the health, grooming and feeding along with providing them much needed TLC.

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor is a great way for kids to learn about pets and it's like bringing an animal hospital right into your living room! This game is rated E 10+ . It's available for purchase at retailers nationwide with suggested retail of $ 29.99. Please visit http://legacygames.com for more information!

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