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Monday, February 23, 2009

Itza Lota Fun With Itzabitza Game!

ItzaBitza is a great new educational game for children that teaches learning and creativity. Kids love this game because they draw their own pictures, things like houses and trees, and those drawings become part of the animation and story.

ItzaBitza combines how people learn with innovative drawing recognition technology that motivates kids to read by enabling them to contribute their own drawings to a story. The child's drawings come to life as part of the story. Help is always near - when the child hovers the mouse pointer over a word, a child's voice reads it out loud. In this way, ItzaBitza provides a new way for struggling readers to feel the power of reading with consistent reward.

ItzaBitza is great fun and it allows children to draw their story, watch it come to life and then read it. Most important is that it teaches kids to read in a fun and exciting way! Check out a trailer at www.itzabitza.com and you can also take advertise of a 2 day trial!

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Thank you very much for reviewing ItzaBitza. As a mom of two who couldn't find video games my kids SHOULD play, I became passionate about providing our kids with the kind of edu game that is more than skill and drill, but a real game that taps into imagination and a really hard challenge - reading comprehension