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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Travel Adventures of Lilly P. Badilly: Costa Rica

I am so excited to share this fun and educational book with you! I recently had the opportunity to meet the author, Debbie Glade. Debbie Glade is an exceptional women with a great talent for writing, illustrating, singing and well....making you laugh! She's also a great voice talent. The Travel Adventures of Lilly P. Badilly: Costa Rica is highly recommended by Midwest Book Review/ Children's Bookwatch, was honored as a finalist from USA Book News Awards, and has received the All American Mommy Award!

As many of you know, I love books, especially children's books. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading to your children starting at a young age and encouraging them to read books as they get older! It's a great time to bond with your child and they learn so much from books!

The Adventures of Lilly P. Badilly is full of colorful illustrations and comes with a fully narrated CD that includes the cutest, catchiest songs that go along with the story.
In the Adventures of Lilly P. Badilly: Costa Rica, you'll meet Lilly who is a Silly Badilly. Lilly is an adorable, adventurous millipede with brilliant mind. She loves reading and has an exceptional talent for playing the piano. She lives with her grandparents in the Miami International Airport. Her Grandma Nellie is very adventurous and decides that she wants to leave their home and hop on the next plane to anywhere it is going. The Badilly family soon find themselves in San Jose, Costa Rica. Grandpa Willie keeps things humorous with his need to pass gas.

This CD/Book will take you and your child on an amazing and fun journey. Can you find the hint to Lilly's next travel adventure? It's in the book!

In this fun story, Lilly uses her talents and intelligence to overcome her fears. Your child will
learn about travel, culture, geography, plants and animals, fears, problem solving, family situations and the pure joy of reading! I thoroughly enjoy sharing this book with Haley! The Adventures of Lilly P. Badilly represents the types of books are children need to be reading!

As I said before, Debbie Glade is an exceptional woman! Debbie appears in schools with her "Learn, Laugh and Love to Read with Lilly Badilly" Program, which includes an interactive geography game. She also hosts an online video Geography Q & A "Ask Lilly Badilly All About the World".
Check her blog out here!

Debbie could visit your child's elementary school too! She has visited numerous elementary schools and the kids all love to meet Lilly! Debbie covers topics and activities such as: writing and illustrating a book, dancing to the original music on the CD, the importance of reading and writing, geography and about being an author. Please visit lillybadilly.com for more information! Debbie Glade is the writer, illustrator, narrator and voice talent of Lilly Badilly. For more than 15 years, Glade was a freelance travel writer and researcher for upscale cruise lines. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing with a Minor in International Affairs from Florida State University. Debbie is truly one of the kindest women I've met!

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smartpoodle said...

Tonia, Thanks so mmuch for the review! I am glad I could make you and Haley laugh!

Jessie V said...

we LOVE this book - it is our daughter's very favorite book. can you believe we sing the songs?! yep. it is that good, and creative!