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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Horray for Hip Hip Puree!

There's finally a solution to making sure that picky little eaters get all the nutrition they need. Baby, toddler and children's taste buds change almost daily. Something they reject today may be loved tomorrow. Sometimes it can be frustrating. Relief is here with Hip Hip Puree! Kids will be getting a ton of necessary vitamins and they won't even know it! Better yet is that these purees are all natural and organic.

Hip Hip Puree! was created for the growing number of consumers who use pureed food items, particularly vegetables, as an ingredient in every day recipes. Eliminating the time, hassle and mess from the pureeing process, Hip Hip Purees are a great solution for parents who are looking for ways to incorporate vegetables into the meals that their children eat (i.e. sweet potato puree added to macaroni and cheese). Hip Hip Purees are also perfect for anyone who uses pureed ingredients to add nutrition, flavor and texture to recipes for sauces, side dishes, desserts, etc.
Packaged in four convenient single serving (1/2 cup) pouches, Hip Hip Puree! is available in four varieties including “Cool Carrots,” Rockin Broccoli, “Sweetie Potatoes” and “Jolly Cauliflower.” Made with 100% organic vegetables and frozen to preserve their nutrients and flavors, Hip Hip Purees contain no preservatives, fillers or additives.

Hip Hip Purees are super easy to add to any recipe and they come conveniently packaged in ready made frozen puree packets. Ordering is easy and the purees come neatly shipped and still frozen when they reach your door step.

Click here for more information, online ordering and store locations.

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