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Friday, October 9, 2009

Febreeze Home Collection ($20 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway)

The NEW Febreeze Home Collection is a new All American Mommy favorite! These are premium scents at affordable prices! Win a $20 Walmart gift card and you can try it out for yourself! Febreeze Home Collection offers 4 pleasing scents that will transform your home and home decor in a contemporary way. I really love the way Febreeze makes my home feel fresh and inviting!

The new Febreeze Home Collection is available in 4 scents: Green Tea Citrus, Pomegranate Mango, Cranberry Pear, and Willow Blossom. All American Mommy has had the pleasure of trying them all and I have to tell you that they're all great!

In each collection:
  • Reed Diffusers - add style with fragrance to any room. The scent really lasts!
  • Room Spray - great way to refresh any room with just a spritz of premium fragrance.
  • Soy Candle - elegant scent and style with a soft glow
  • Flameless Luminary - change the scented shade to match your mood.
I absolutely adore the Flameless Luminary!

Decorating Tips for Your Home
Fresh Entryway Focal Points: Creating a focal point gives your entryway a sense of balance and unity. It also helps express the style of your home and makes a statement of your personality. Keep it simple with a mirror that opens up the space and shows off your decor style with the frame. Or create a photo display on an entry wall. Use a Febreeze Home Collection Scented Reed Diffuser to add a stylish and aromatic touch to the air with scented oils.
Relaxing Bedroom Retreat: Resist the urge to load your retreat with lots of knickknakcks and photos. Too many decorations can make the room chaotic instead of calming. Limit throw pillows on your bed to one large pillow in the middle or two smaller pillows in front of regular pillows. This makes the bed appear cozy, yet uncluttered. For guest rooms, it's the special details that matter most - include reading materials, bottled water, and mints. Add premium fragrance with Febreeze Home Collection Room Spray. Each scent comes in a stylish canister.
Lovely Living Room Makeover: Adding a new color is a simple way to enhance this space (candles, pillows, window treatments, etc). Use the "rule of three" when adding new pieces. When adding a new hue to the room that doesn't already exist, add it in several locations throughout the room. Add Febreeze Home Collection Flameless Luminary to accent your room with scent and style.
Revive a Tired Kitchen: Decide first what you like about your kitchen and what you don't like. Cabinets can become a beautiful focal point just by replacing hardware. Replacing an old backsplash with tile can help protect the wall against water and give your kitchen a more modern appearance. Add a Febreeze Home Collection Soy Blend Candle to add an elegant scent with a soft glow.

$20 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway: Post a comment sharing one of your own home decor tips. Please be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win. Ends 11/15/09.


Mami2jcn said...

Home decor tip:

Strategically placed mirrors can help a small room appear larger in size.

Jennifer said...

My tip is: Less is more! I think when you clutter up a house or wall in a house it's just too much!

jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

carmen said...

In each room, pick a key element and let it do most of the "speaking." In my living room, it's a small couch I reupholstered with an oversized floral print. The other colors and pieces accentuate it, rather than compete with it.

ApachesPrincess said...

My home decor tip is to keep everything organized and to not have clutter all of the place. It keeps your house looking fresh and neat!


Thanks for the giveaway!

JC said...

My decor tip-
Keep it simple! Don't over do anything!

Keitha said...

Two tone painting with chair railing in running in the center of the wall makes a room look very nice! Thanks

keithadanielle at yahoo dot com

danno said...

I make floral arrangements with pretty pine cones and sprigs of plants when I am walking in the woods gives my House a pleasant smell and gets me into the Festive Fall season.

Ashley said...

What a great giveaway! Well lets see, my mom and I like to collect pine cones off of the ground in the Fall and make little decorative arrangements using the pine cones and leafs in wooden bowls - it's a free and easy way to Fall-i-fy your house! Also, you can paint the pine cones or dip them in a little glue and roll them around in sparkles - we like to do that more toward the winter.


rainbow said...

My tip is: Do a border around the edge of the ceiling, the same color as the wall with a good roller, gives the room a nice look and you don't have to cut in anything :)


jentamar said...

I love fresh flowers in a room -- they can make it look more inviting and attractive.

Cecile said...

Keep orgnaized and decluttered by storing extra stuff in well labelled plastic bins and containers.

Smart Cents Mom said...

My decorating tip is to havee one conversation piece. Something that stands out from the rest. To help it stand out, use a fewer items too.


Karen S said...

My tip - try not to leave clutter laying around. Take care of things!

MaryEllen@TheDealScoop said...

I keep silk flowers already arranged for each season. When it's time to change decor, I pull out an arrangement, dust it off, and I'm done!

littledeadmommy said...

If you are a collector of anything, only display a few favorites from your collection. Displaying every little piece can easily make a room look cluttered and you can always rotate which things you put out to display.


Stephanie said...

My home decor tip is always try to follow the seasons with your decor I really like to incorporate nature into most of my peices

Caroline said...

My tip is declutter, it's so easy to pick 2 or 3 unnecessary items every week and drop them off at goodwill. You help the shop, a person who needs the item on a budget and it is easier to keep your home tidy with less things around.

vancouvercaro at gmail dot come.


Lee-Ann said...

Using mirrors in narrow hallways, and entry ways makes it seem bigger and more open.


409cope said...

I like to shop yard sales for inexpensive items that I can refinish with a coat of paint or stain.

Whitney said...

My tip: Keep it simple! I like clean lines & clutter-free living!

Anonymous said...

Blue is a calm color and helps you relax in your living room. On the other hand, if your living room is a hub of activity -- yellow is an energetic color :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

flowerchild said...

my tip is to bring nature inside...using colors and plants


Julie said...

I buy beautiful photographs/frame them for hanging them on the walls


Susan said...

Use a few key pieces in whatever accent color you choose. Pillows, vases, candles, etc. Then when you want a change you just put all those things in a storage box and replace them with the same items in another color.

Also add a scent to compliment your new color.