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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Top Pick Christmas Gifts for 2009

All American Mommy has had the pleasure of reviewing the products listed below. These companies and products have been awarded the All American Mommy award and are rated top pick gifts for this Christmas. Check them out!

The Bucklette is a hands-free fashion accessory, made for women who don't always want to carry a handbag but need the essentials - perfect for a night on the town, a kids' play date or a day of shopping. There are two versions: a belt buckle that comes with a belt and a compact clip-on. Both versions are designed to hold a lipstick, key, credit card and ID. The Bucklette is sharply designed, made in the USA, crafted from recyclable, lead-free metal and comes packaged in a reusable jewelry bag. I love the Bucklette because it's functional fashion! The Bucklette is available for purchase at select retailers and online at www.bucklette.com.

Honestech offers several products for unlocking your memories that are stored on older formats. The products are easy to use and include everything you need plus technical support and instructions so anyone can do it! You'll also learn how to make your own movies or mix your favorite music.
VHS to DVD Deluxe 4.0 converts VHS/BETA/Other analog video to DVD through your PC. The new 4.0 version supports 1080p HDTV, Blu-ray DVD burning and High Resolution video editing.
Audio Recorder Deluxe 2.0 converts LPs, Cassettes, etc. to MP-3 and Audio CD, also converts audio formats.
The New FOTOBOX is a USB device solution which supports the creation of multimedia slideshows from photos, videos, music, and narration. FOTOBOX features a USB 2.0 interface, with an integrated memory card reader, and imbedded PC software within FLASH memory which automatically runs on a PC without software installation. Pictures taken by Digital Cameras with a memory cards can be easily loaded to create slideshows by inserting memory card into the card reader slot. FOTOBOX retails for $79.99.
For more information on Honetech products please visit www.honestech.com!

WHIMSY interchangeable bead rings offer a whole wardrobe of choices in one ring. Graceful detailing showcase striking, collectible Murano glass beads. All rings are compatible with Pandora, Chamilia, and Trollbeads. The WHIMSY collection is expertly created using only reclaimed sterling silver and 14-karat gold with gem-quality diamond accents. Crafted with uncompromising attention to detail, each ring is hand-finished and each diamond is hand-set. For over 30 years, celebrated artist R. Craig Whitten has developed one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for discriminating clients. From coast to coast, his museum quality pieces are designed to showcase each clients individuality. Please visit www.WhimsyWorldwide.com for more information.

ROSA LOVES sells shirts with awesome designs and best of all, it’s a gift that gives back! ROSA LOVES is a not-for-profit t-shirt company based out of St. Augustine, Florida, that designs t-shirts to help individuals in need. Every t-shirt is sold to meet a specific financial goal to which ROSA LOVES uses to fulfill a particular person's need. These needs, whether it's a walker for Glenda, a boat for a Indonesian fisherman, or bikes for local folks who do not have means to their own transportation, each are met with profits from t-shirt sales. Every t-shirt has a story of whomever its benefiting, which is printed on the inverse of the t-shirt as well as a creative, artistic design on the front. Once each of the goals are met, those particular designs are retired, making them a limited edition. This process repeats itself and we're continually creating new t-shirts. You can find out more information at www.rosaloves.com. T-shirts are priced from $18-25.

Every kitchen needs this! Slow Cooker Mate® is the ONLY 3 chamber slow cooker that cooks an entrĂ©e and 2 separate side dishes at the same time. Slow Cooker Mate® helps the everyday Mom or Dad put a real meal on the dinner table while allowing them to spend as much time with
the family as possible. Imagine coming home to a meal that is chicken with a mushroom sauce, buttered green beans and 3 cheese potato casserole. Yum! The patent pending insert featured in Slow Cooker Mate™ makes this quality stainless steel slow cooker the most versatile slow cooker on the market. Now, you can have a real meal prepared when you arrive home and not just a
one pot dish. Please visit www.slowcookermate.com for more information!

iHome Sound Systems design portable and home audio products for iPod, iPhone and MP3 players. iHome audio products deliver superb sound and have many choices to fit any budget. This is the perfect gift for at home entertainment! iHome Portable and Home Audio products can be purchased at the Apple Store, Best Buy, Target and other retailers, or by visiting www.ihomeaudio.com.

The Sharper Image is entering a new era as it undergoes an exciting transformation, from a popular retailer to a cutting-edge retail brand. The Sharper Image will be available at leading retailer nationwide. Sharper Image offers products for health and wellness, beauty, home, recreation, fitness, travel and more. Our favorites include the electronic wine chiller and products for home. You can find many of these great products at Bed Bath and Beyond and other retailers or at www.sharperimage.com.

In these demanding times, people are yearning for a way to put more stability, balance, and meaning into life. With simple tools and easy steps, Comfort Living guides you in creating physical surroundings and routines that transform the way you experience each day. Learn how little it takes to introduce positive change into day-to-day living. A pocket-sized booklet, The Comfort Living Journal, a working companion to the book is also available. I think the book and journal make a great gift for a group of friends to do together! Comfort Living is written by Christine Eisner. Christine Eisner, a designer, consultant and writer has shared her creative vision with thousands of people including corporate professionals, interior designers, real estate agents, homemakers, empty-nesters, design students and teens. Eisner's expertise grows out of three decades in New York, London and Atlanta in lifestyle marketing, communications and design for Polo/Ralph Lauren, Sotheby's International Realty, and in private consultation through her firm, Lifestyle Design. Please visit lifestyledesign.org for more information!


christine e said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I just put this up on the book's website, comfortliving.com. Come visit!
btw, on January 12th, I am launching my own livestreaming Comfort Living Club. Details on the website after Thanksgiving.
all the best,

Karen S said...

I love those beeds rings - thanks!

Fakharuddin40 said...

I love the Bucklettes and bead rings. Thanks for your nice share and keep posting.

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