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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway: You've Been Sentenced! Board Game

Just deal 10 cards each and have some zany, laugh-out-loud fun making sentences! With the deck of 540 pentagon-shaped cards with over 2500 words, plus Wild Cards there are billions of possible combinations. You will probably never see the same sentence twice in lifetime! English can be a very funny language!

For ages 8 and up, 30-40 min to play, 3-10 players, with extensive rule variations.The latest in the evolution of games, You've been Sentenced! is the first game in history to really turn making sentences into a very funny, playable, and challenging game. Using a unique word deck of pentagon shaped cards containing conjugations of funny words, famous names from throughout history, familiar places, and wild cards, players have to make grammatically correct and justifiable sentences. The real fun begins when players have to read their sentences out loud and explain what they mean to the rest of players. They form the jury and vote thumbs up or down on whether the sentence and justification stand and the points are scored. 540 cards with over 2,500 words insure billions of possible sentences so the game is never repetitive and has unlimited re-play value.

Giveaway: One lucky winner will received You've Been Sentenced! Board Game with add-on decks. Post a comment telling me who you'd like to win this game for. Please be sure to leave your email address. Ends 12/30/09.


The Malko's said...

I would love to win this for my sis and her husband! They are newlyweds, as are myhusband and I, and we are all on a tight budget this year. We have agreed to do couple gifts, and this would be so fun to play together!


The Jacobsen Family! said...

I would love to win this for my family! We love games and would love a new one like this! SO fun! Thanks! =)
garyandalesha at cox dot net

carmen said...

I'd like to win this game for my hubby. He really likes playing games and we love trying out new ones. This sounds like fun!

carmensechristjunk at gmail dot com

Laura said...

I'd love to win this for my brother who LOVES games!


Beth said...

I would love to win this for my kids. It would be great to play for our weekly family fun night.

Melody said...

I would share it with my brother. This game seems like fun.


Foxy_Wolf said...

I would love to win it for my family to play when we get together! We always are looking for a fun game to play <3

WolfMistress09@aol dot com

plb8156 said...

I believe that all 5 of my kids would really enjoy this :)

Shauna said...

I would like to win this to play for my husband.
Argentia924 at gmail.com

darlanpaulsmamma said...

i would win this for my family - we have friends over a lot and it would be fun to play this game!
melissa.barnes76 at yahoo dot com

debbiejackson said...

I'd like to win this for my son. He and his friends enjoy games.

debbiejackson said...

Wanted to make sure I left an email address also, jacksond@nhr3.net

Wanted to win this for my son.

Smart Cents Mom said...

I would love to win this game for my family. We love to play games together! It looks really fun. Thanks!

Huguette E. said...

I would love to win this for my daughter, she'd have lots of fun playing with her friends.