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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea

BPA-Free Reusable ‘Tappening’ Water Bottles and Duffle-Type Bags Made From 100% Recycled Materials

Have you “bought into” the bottled water hype like I have for years? You should checkthis out! It definitely changed my mind! The ‘Tappening’ campaign has been instrumental in helping forge a national movement that encourages people to make tap their water of choice, whenever possible. The campaign (which Adweek has called “a form of business philanthropy…founded to right a perceived wrong”) and its website--www.tappening.com –-both launched only last November, have served to educate the public about the wastefulness, excessive cost, and pollution of the Earth caused by the bottled water industry.

In an effort to self-finance the campaign, the Tappening founders--Eric Yaverbaum and Mark DiMassimo--introduced their own line of reusable water bottles. To their surprise, the Tappening bottles became trendy practically overnight. Their entire initial inventory of 39,000 plastic reusable bottles sold out in 36 hours after launch of the website! To date, over 300,000 Tappening bottles have been sold.

In July, the group added the duffle-type Tappening bag to their online shop, made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

More about ‘Tappening’ bottles and bags:

  • The 100% BPA-free plastic bottles are available in green or in blue. The Green bottle says “Think Global, Drink Local”; the Blue bottle says “What’s Tappening?” ( $14.95 plus $3 s&h).
  • The stainless steel bottles are available in Silver, Blue, Gold and Red ($18.95 plus $3 s&h).
  • ABCs ‘Good Morning America’ cited the Tappening bottle as being “one of the hottest products for 2008,” calling it a “hip new reusable water bottle.”
  • Trend Central’s Jane Buckinghma said “The water bottle gives customers a simple way to do good, as well as a conduit to broadcast their beliefs.”
  • The Tappening Message-in-a-Bag is made from yesterday’s discarded single-serve water bottles and yogurt containers.
  • The message on the bag is “Think Global, Drink Local” ($49.95 plus $3 s&h).
  • The campaign and bottles have been touted by media and bloggers across the country, from People magazine to Forbes.
  • All of the money raised via the sales of the bottles and bags has gone directly back into the educational website and campaign.
The bottles and bags are available for purchase on www.tappening.com .

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