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Friday, November 28, 2008

Start a New Christmas Tradition That Kids Will Love!

We’ve started a new and exciting Christmas tradition in our house this year! Two magic elves arrived at our house a few weeks ago. Haley sent a letter to Santa and within a few days Charlotte and Jangle arrived. Haley was amazed when we read the letter that Santa sent with his little elves! The elves have been helping around the house and getting into a little mischief too! Haley is so excited to wake up each morning to see what the elves were up to while she was sleeping! It’s amazing to see that she still believes in the magic of Christmas in second grade yet and three of her classmates have sent letters to Santa asking for their own elves. This is a wonderful and cute tradition to start in your home!

NORTH POLE (October 10, 2008) – A new sheriff – or elf, rather – is in town and intent on making this Christmas the most memorable yet. By way of the North Pole – with Ole’ St. Nick’s blessing, of course – Elf Magic elves will begin magically appearing in homes on Thanksgiving Day to the anticipation of new, beaming faces and old, excited child friends who have waited 11 long months for mischievous elfin visitors to arrive.

Eleven months is a long time for the spirited Elf Magic elf, who spends the year dreaming about the return to his host family. While away working hard for Santa, he often glances down hopefully at the snowflake over his heart – a reminder of Santa’s love of children and Elves – certain that the holiday season is well worth the wait. Besides, all that time away means children around the world can anticipate a whole new level of fun, affection, adventure – and yes, some mischief – when the Elf magically returns.

“When considering Christmas traditions that bring the season to life, it’s natural to conjure up stories of Santa,” says Piper Worthington, head elf of Elf Magic. “Elf Magic elves have something different in mind – they encourage an upbeat Christmas animated through nightly adventures and daily play to help children instill memories, have fun and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values.”

A crucial element of the timeless Elf Magic tradition is – you guessed it – the frisky, frolicsome adventures in which the Elves take part when children are asleep at night. Brought to life by a nightly sprinkling of “magical” North Pole Snowflakes, the Elves leave no shred of creativity untouched as they find new ways to enjoy their afterhours time.

That’s when neighbors and classmates start swapping Elf Magic stories … “Last night our Elves made an absolute mess piecing together invitations for a gingerbread-house party,” or “She’s done it again! Last night, our Elf snuck away in the car for a quick trip to our local burger joint! We found hamburger wrappers and drink cups littering the floorboard on the way to school!” Though many of the Elves love a good adventure, there are some who prefer a calmer lifestyle as well – all of the Elves have different, unique personalities, though they each bring the same North Pole spirit to whatever they do.

Whether the Elf arrives Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve, time with their host families always moves too quickly for the ingenious, untiring Elf Magic elves. It’s almost as if they consider their time working hard at the fanciful North Pole with the Claus’ a tad tame!

Though there is no shortage of energy in the hearts of these magical Elves, the mischief is balanced with the desire of Santa’s friends to spend quality, relaxed time with their host families. Elf Magic elves are meant to be touched and loved, and they play with children during the day throughout their magical visits. Don’t be surprised if the Elves interact with children by exchanging hand-written notes and letters … The Elves have even been known to pick a weekly Bible verse for the family to memorize together as part of a Christmas tradition.

Elf Magic has been one of the most exciting traditions we have experienced as a family,” Worthington says. “Going back to when I was a young girl, our Elves have brought not only joy and love through daily interaction with our family, but they have provided us with memories we will forever treasure. The evidence of a full night of mischief is a treat to wake up to, but it is just one fragment of the experience. Elf Magic is as much about daily fun as it is the timeless Christmas traditions of family, love and sharing.”

Visit www.Elf-Magic.com or call 1-877-Elf-Magic (1-877-353-6244) for more information about how Elf Magic can play a meaningful part of your upcoming holiday season.

About Elf Magic

Santa’s Elves magically appeared in Piper Worthington’s home in 1960, bringing mischief and fun to her and her sister then as children and today to her own family, as well as thousands of others throughout the world. Elf Magic elves spend Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve with children and families, bringing a genuine warmth and closeness within the home, sparking imaginations and creating memories that last a lifetime. As the timeless Christmas-elf tradition, Elf Magic elves “magically” appear from the North Pole each holiday season ready to be touched and loved – and sometimes to turn their playful thoughts into mischievous late-night adventures. Elf Magic is a great way to reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values. For more information, visit www.Elf-Magic.com or call 1-877-Elf-Magic (1-877-353-6244).

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