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Sunday, December 7, 2008

i-love-me Collection

The i-love-me Collection has something to offer for every woman in your life! Tell her she is special and has all the qualities to love about herself! These gifts are unique and uplifting!

About the logo:

Each aspect of the i-love-me™ logo has a significant meaning for anyone taking the journey to self-love.

The Butterfly.

The butterfly is a female symbol that personifies a person’s soul. It represents change, transformation, the soul’s capacity for eternal rebirth, spiritual transformation, the stages of life, beauty, spiritual awareness, love, and prosperity. The butterfly also represents a woman’s delicacy and sensuality. Therefore, the butterfly is a reminder to every woman to treat herself with gentleness.

The color of the butterfly is purple or violet, and is the embodiment of inner power and higher understanding. It signifies a person’s oneness with God and peace.

The Heart.

The heart historically was considered to be the spiritual center of a person or the God within. According to the Hindu Tantras, the heart encompasses our feelings for another, feelings for ourselves, feelings for the earth, and feelings for God. The Chinese traditions view the heart as the center of enlightenment, intelligence and personal harmony and the space of potential that allows the possibility of creativity, communication and interaction to occur. Essentially, it is the source of unconditional love.

The color of the heart is green, which represents harmony, the search for truth, healing, change and transformation, compassion, the ability to express love in action and freedom to pursue new ideas. Ironically, it signifies freedom from fears and freedom from anxiety associated with ignoring or suppressing our own needs to address the demands of others.

The Circles.

The butterfly is shown ascending against a background of the sun or a gold-filled circle. This connection closely associates the butterfly and heart with the sun or divinity and success. Gold is a color of strength and therefore represents good health, optimism, courage, confidence and will power.

The outer white circle encloses the butterfly and heart in kindness and loyal love. This combination represents one’s ability to achieve clarity by clearing blockages, and the start of new beginnings and personal development.

Finally, the outer purple circle is the symbolic strength behind the meaning of the collection itself. It represents the completion of a journey to become whole and the ultimate peace that comes from feeling a oneness with God and who we are within.

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