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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spalding Rookie Gear

Here’s a great new sports product from Spalding that’s perfect for little hands! Spalding’s Rookie Gear, a new youth product line designed for kids 8 years and under – weighs 25 percent less and is designed so kids play and stay in the game! Spalding has introduced Spalding Rookie Gear, a sporting goods line of youth-sized basketballs, footballs and soccer balls that weigh 25 percent less than standard youth products. Specifically engineered for the 40+ million kids aged 8 and under, Spalding Rookie Gear’s authentic, innovative product line is designed so kids can shoot, rebound, kick and throw more easily and successfully, and with better form.

Spalding Rookie Gear products are constructed with competitive play, high performance composite leather materials, weigh 25 percent less than standard Youth sized product and meet all performance characteristics.

  • Spalding Rookie Gear Basketballs weigh 25 percent less than standard youth balls and kids rebounded more confidently, dribbled more successfully and shot with dramatically better form than they could before.

  • Spalding Rookie Gear Footballs weigh 25 percent less than standard mighty mite balls and test participants were able to throw them 15 percent father and with better form and more confidence.

  • Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer Balls weigh 25 percent less than standard size three balls and were kicked 20 percent farther.

In addition to the on-field performance and enjoyment advantages, Spalding Rookie Gear products also benefit the younger players’ bodies versus the standard youth balls available today.

Spalding Rookie Gear is in sporting goods stores. Each ball is designed for recreational Indoor/Outdoor play. The Size 5 (27.5”) youth basketballs are available in two styles (traditional brown and multi-colored), the Mitey Mite football is available in traditional brown cover and the Size 3 (Youth) soccer balls are available in two styles (yellow/multi-color and purple). Each has an SRP of $19.99.

For more information visit www.spalding.com/rookiegear.

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