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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unique Gift Idea for Babies and Toddlers

Translation Tees make a great personalized gift for babies and toddlers! Capture your child’s cute sayings and mispronunciations with translation tees from Temporary Language. Translation tees,www.temporarylanguage.com allows you to custom create your own tees with your toddler’s own cute saying or mispronounced word.

Being an only child, Haley spoke fairly well at a very young age. She had the stuffed red Teletubby (whatever his name was) when she was 2, that she called “munk”. She thought red teletubby was a monkey! A translation tee with a cute monkey, the word “munk”, and translation: monkey would have been a great way to preserve this memory! Translation tees make creative and unique gifts too!

Translation tees start with an eye catching, bright and bold graphic. Customers select from the large and growing gallery of graphic images online. If you’re unable to find an image you can request that one be custom made for you. After choosing the image, you then include the cute and funny mispronunciation the child has for this word. The proper translation is written below the graphic so the child’s language can be shared with everyone they encounter. Visit www.temporarylanguage.com for more information.

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Shannon said...

I would like this for myself.