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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Health News: Free Pelvic Fitness DVD

As a mom, I know how childbirth can weaken bladder muscles and control. Haley will gladly tell you that I couldn’t jump on the trampoline with her for a while or I’d wet my pants. She thought that was funny. Actually, I could barely sneeze without wetting my pants. It was so embarrassing! Well, I talked to my doc about it and she sent me to physical therapy. Yes, physical therapy for bladder weakness. It worked!!! Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is the key. Now you can get this FREE DVD to try at home! Psst….it helps tighten your tummy too!

Exercise expert Kari Bo, together with TENA (formerly known as Serenity) launched a free pelvic health program, called Core Wellness. The program was created in light of the fact that one in four women suffers from bladder weakness (very common after childbirth).

Kari, together with TENA, has designed the PELVICORE Technique, a gentle 20-minute at-home routine that is proven to both prevent and, in 60-70% of women, cure bladder weakness. The exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (which are responsible for bladder control) and also improve posture and tummy tone.

Visit www.corewellnessprogram.us to learn more about pelvic health and receive a free copy of the PELVICORE DVD.

Following are some tips from TENA (www.tena.us) for achieving optimal pelvic health:

Don’t Sweat It: More than 70% of mild bladder incontinence can be improved through simple muscle exercises that contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises require minimal effort and can be done anywhere- in the office, on the subway or while at home watching TV – no gym clothes required.

Maintain a Normal Weight: Carrying excess weight increases the likelihood of weak pelvic floor muscles and can also worsen bladder weakness.

Let Someone Else Do the Heavy Lifting: Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can weaken your pelvic floor. Lift heavy objects safely by bending your knees and using your leg muscles.

The Pelvic Health Diet: Certain foods, such a tomato based and spicy foods, can irritate the bladder. Caffeine and alcoholic beverages also contribute to leakage, so stick to bladder-friendly liquids such as water, apple juice, grape juice and cranberry juice.

Don’t Let Bladder Weakness Hold You Back: Bladder weakness affects one out of four women. You are not alone in this condition and it doesn’t have to control your life. Pelvic floor exercises can greatly improve your pelvic health, but if you’re still hesitant to stray too far from a bathroom, consider a discreet liner or pad to help give you confidence through the day. Visit www.tena.us for more tips and to check out all your options.

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