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Monday, January 26, 2009

Lips for Xbox 360 Rocks!

Xbox has released yet another one of my favorite video games! This game has been great fun for our entire family and all of our guests that have come over to play it! As a matter of fact, one of Haley's friends used her Christmas money to buy Lips for herself because she loved it so much! Lips rocks!

Lips is the new singing game exclusive to Xbox developed by iNiS. Offering 40 songs spanning multiple genres and decades, featuring artists like Beyonce, Radiohead, Johnny Cash, Lupe Fiasco and Rascal Flatts, and including two wireless motion-sensitive microphones, Lips provides the ultimate party.

The mics - each copy of Lips comes packages with two wireless motion-sensitive microphones. not only will these superior-quality pieces be used to help your voice shine, but their motion-sensitivity will also give you the opportunity to steal the spotlight by performing dozens of motion specific gestures and poses that will amp up your score and the fun.

The music - each song in Lips was chosen by gaming and music industry veterans, based not only on the popularity of each track, but also on the "game-ability" of each. With multiple solo, competitive and cooperative game modes available in Lips, these 40 songs were hand picked to be experienced in many ways. You can also bring music from your collection to the party, as Lips allows you to plug in your Zune, iPod or other compatible music device and play your DRM-free songs in the game as well.

The party - Lips is the perfect party accessory and the perfect party soundtrack. Not only can you create playlists and continuously play your music through the Lips Jukebox and at any time just shake a mic to start singing, but you can also play Party Games with your music. Face off with friends and family in "Vocal Fighters" or work cooperatively in "Kiss" and "Time Bomb". Lips brings the experience off your TV screen and into your living room, bringing you, your friends and family closer to the music you love.

The game - while Lips is an incredibly approachable social experience designed to be enjoyed by everyone from teens and tweens to adults, the game is not without challenges. Lips does not include "difficulty levels", not can you "fail out" of a song. However, it does have a deep scoring system, which measures pitch, rhythm, vibrato and how well you're singing the lyrics. Everyone will score well, but scoring great will require you to tap into your full vocal talents. Higher scores are rewarded with Achievements and Grand Rank-ups.

Lips is available for purchase through all major retailers with a suggested retail of $69.99. Please visit http://xbox.com for more information on this and other great game releases!

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