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Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Mayla Baby

We have a new baby girl in our house! She's my Mayla. Yes, I am the proud mother of a new dog. Many of you may not know this but I am unable to have any more children. The option of having more children was sadly taken away from me two years ago. It was very hard at first but I know how blessed I am to have Haley and we are all healthy! I have a wonderful family and yet I felt the need to "mother" something. Mayla has been the perfect addition to our family! She's two years old and weighs 13 lbs. full grown. Mayla is a miniature pinscher mix and is quite active but loves to snuggle under the covers.

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Linda said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! My husband is retired and I am still working. We adopted our new "baby" Cassie from the shelter in October. She is a beautiful kitty and fills our home with love. I was never able to have children, but my second marriage has given me 3 wonderful adult children, 2 sons-in-law and 3gorgeous grandchildren. When I was alone, I had a pretty cat named PJ. She was my angel. When she passed at the age of 15 I thought I could never love another kitty. Now 4 years later, we have sunshine in the house again. Pets are truly wonderful. Good luck with Mayla!!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I'm so glad to get to see a picture of her!! So cute!

one6ylady said...

I too was never able to have children, but a 2nd marriage gave me two beautiful step-children, and now my hubby and I are talking about fostering/adopting a 6-8 year old boy to finish off our family. Your new baby is gorgeous, and I'll admit that I'm biased because I'm also the proud Mommy of 3 rescued MinPins (all black and tan). Penny weighs 4 lbs. and is 7, Kayleigh weighs 12 lbs. and is 2, and Ozzy is 15 lbs. and is 8. They all love to snuggle under blankies, so I suggest you buy a couple 2 yard pieces of polar fleece from someplace like Joann's or another fabric store that match your couch, because if you don't give her something to snuggle under at all time, they have a habit of actually crawling UNDER the couch cushions to snuggle while they sleep... and you don't want to sit on her by accident when she's stretched out under the cushions. I'll email you a photo or two tomorrow if I think of it. I'd love to hear more about Mayla and see more pics. MinPins RULE!

Donna H.

Kat said...

So darned cute! I haven't had a puppy/dog in more years than I can (or care to) count. We adopted a kitten 4 1/2 years ago that became my baby shortly after she adopted us. She was (I stress was) suppose to be my daughters ..... but she's mine. :D

Good luck with Mayla - she really is adorable.

Marandaclan said...

Love Mayla! Sounds like she's already running the house - love it!! What a sweet girl.

Tripp said...

How much fun dude!