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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beat The Economy With Healthy Ones

At our house, we always try to take a lunch from home. Now with Healthy Ones lunchmeats, they help make it easy to save money AND eat healthier lunches! Healthy Ones are naturally low in fat because they are made from lean premium meats with no fillers of artificial flavors.

Save time - buy reusable containers for snack items that you can buy in bulk. Nuts, raisins, fruits and veggies, etc. Keep these items on hand along with Healthy Ones lunchmeats and wholegrain bread.

Save money - eating at home and packing lunches is healthier and can save you as much as $3,500 per year. Whoa, that's a lot of money!

Save calories - I added the calories and fat for a fastfood value meal. 820 calories and 32 grams of fat for a fastfood value meal. You can save 500 calories +/-, in one meal, just by packing a lunch! Whoa, that's a lot of banked calories! Not to mention, WAY better for your heart!

Beat boredom - Heathly Ones are available in an assortment of varieties including ham, turkey breast and roast beef. You can make a sandwich, add it to a bed of greens for a super salad, make a flavorful wrap, or eat with crackers and cheese. So many yummy ways!

Healthy Ones product line includes deli counter and packaged lunchmeats, smoked sausages, breakfast sausages and franks. Please visit http://healthy-ones.com for more information.

Giveaway: Win a Healthy Ones lunch eco-friendly lunch tote along with a coupon for a FREE Healthy Ones lunchmeat! Post a comment with your own tips for packing a healthy/affordable lunch or what you're doing to save money this year. Ends 3/2/09.


Janna @ Feed Your Pig said...

First is never the winner but i'll go first anyway! hehee.

I have found that Hormel Completes (depending on the variety) are not all that fattening. They are easy to take to because they do not require refrigeration and they are good!

Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

Janna Johnson

Anonymous said...

I have found that Hormel Completes depending on the variety are not all that fattening.

valerie2350 said...

This sounds great!
I've been buying things in bulk when they are on sale to help save money.
Haven't tried healthy ones before, but it sounds like a good brand!

Kat said...

Great ideas here. Personally I try to vary my lunch everyday - or boredom does set in and its the fast food line (and mega fat and calories), which is never a good thing for me.

I do "leftovers" (the planned kind) quite a bit. I love making my own chef salad. The Fat Free or Lower Fat lunchmeats make great rolls (1 slice ham, turkey and cheese) that you can cut into "pinwheels" for your salad.

I have to try the Hormel Completes for even more variety.
Thanks for the ideas

judybrittle said...

I've been packing a lot of leftovers lately for lunches and fresh fruits that are on sale.
As for saving money this year we have to follow a strict budget so I'm only buying what is on sale and also have a coupon to match. Planning meals a month in advance.
Thank you so much!

Dina said...

I am more careful with meal planning and using leftovers; also pay a lot more attention to sales and coupons.

MJ said...

We eat leftovers or a peanut butter sandwich!

Jennifer said...

We are saving money by having a set amount going straight to savings! This helps because if we never see it, then it's not like it was there in the first place and later it will be nice to see how much we've saved up!

jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

Keitha said...

I buy off brand products instead of the high dollar name brands and save change

email:keithadanielle AT yahoo DOT com

micaela6955/Michele P. said...

I got a membership to Sams Club and have been buying products there, using coupons and rebates, and trying the store label brands-amazingly I found some of them I really like now!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

royaldixie said...

I always pack veggies/dip and fruit. Its cheap to buy in bulk and split it up!


newmommmyin08 {at} yahoo {dot} com

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YZgirl4 said...

To save money this year we have been not eating out. We will make special dinners on the weekend that cost far less than eating at a restaurant. I love using small reusable containers for our lunches out. It saves money and helps the environmentyzgirl4[at]verizon[dot]net!

Kaycee said...

One thing we are doing which is saving us a lot of money and its green is refilling water/juice/etc bottles instead of buying new ones! Thanks for the chance!

kayceewilliams at gmail dot com