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Monday, October 27, 2008

Green Christmas

Green Christmas
How to Have a Joyous, Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

Jennifer Basye Sander and Peter Sander, along with Anne Basye show you how to choose the right tree, have warm and cozy green fires, avoid the holiday catalog crunch, and make gifts that are green and teach green.

I didn't realize just how wasteful we can be during Christmas until I read this book. Did you know that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, American produce and extra 2 billion pounds of garbage per week? There are enough holiday cards sold to fill a ten-story football stadium. If every child under the age of 6 received a wood toy in place of a plastic one, we'd avoid 17 million tons of plastic landfill.

This book is a great guide that provides many tips to having a green Christmas. Tips for recycling Christmas trees to be used as mulch, opting off catalog mailing lists to save paper, having fires using logs made of recycled materials such as coffee grounds. Shower with your love you on Christmas morning (or Christmas Eve after the children finally turn in) . It will do your relationship and the planet some good at the same time. Small gestures really do add up - just cutting a 10 minute shower down to 5 minutes can save 20,000 gallons of water per year. C'est Le Champagne - it's more economical to drink champagne and less glass is used. Wow, tons of helpful fun facts!

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Jennifer Basye Sander is the author, co-author or ghostwriter of more than thirty books and has been featured on CNBC, CNNfn, The View and It's a Miracle. She recycles and repurposes constantly, and is raising her children to have a green awareness of the world around them.
Peter Sander is an author, researcher and consultant in the fields of business, location reference and personal finance. To help his wife Jennifer green the household, he splits his own kindling from discarded lumber and grows vegetables in a community garden.
Anne Basye is the author of Sustaining Simplicity: A Journal. Though she spends time and money on good wine, opera, and international travel, she doesn't own a car or microwave and hasn't bought a Christmas tree in three years.

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