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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

O's Big Book of Happiness

The Best of O, The Oprah Magazine
Wisdom, Wit, Advice, Interviews,
and Inspiration

O's Big Book of Happiness is a must for every coffee table in every home! Since it's been on my coffee table, it's been picked up by several visitors including my mother. They've all been drawn in by it! I fear that my mother may try to walk off with it! Don't worry....I'm loaning it to her!

If you're looking for an article to lift your spirit and enlighten just open the cover and you'll soon find just what you need. O's Big Book of Happiness contains more than 100 articles drawn right from the pages of the magazine. This book addresses three major avenues to a fuller life: Your Mind/Your Body focuses on emotional and physical well being. Maintaining health, building confidence, finding a sense of purpose and happiness. Dating, Mating, Relating provides tools and insights needed to forge better connections with partners, families, friends, and co-workers. Dreaming Big offers inspiration and practical advice to aim high and realize aspirations on all aspects of life, from work to money to heeding your inner voice.

Writers, artists, entrepreneurs and political leaders including Barack Obama, Alice Sebold, David Sedaris, and Elizabeth Swados reveal life lessons that have set them on the path to joy and success. Financial columnist, Suze Orman defuses the minefield of money management. Suzy Welch writes about how to win at art - even with dysfunctional colleagues. Life coach Martha Beck discusses how to handle your own worst critic - you. Advice columnist Dr. Phil sheds new light on the push-me-pull-you confusion of intimate relationships. Also included are Oprah Winfrey's interviews with individuals she credits with inspiring her.

Buy one here and you'll be holding happiness in your own hands!

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