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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mommy's Best Helper

Mommy's Best Helper, written by Simone O. Nooks (Tate Publishing), is a great book to encourage your little ones to be mommy's best little helpers!

Robbie is five years old and he knows that mommy has a busy day. As mommy's biggest helper, Robbie knows just what to do! Robbie helps with many things: getting himself ready for the day, taking care of his little sister, and even running errands with his mommy. Even after a long day filled with lots of helping, Robbie knows what really matters: his mommy loves him.

Join Robbie as he helps mommy through the excitement of a busy day and discovers that he truly is Mommy's Best Helper!

This book is available through Tate Publishing in paperback, CD audio, and you can also purchase as a digital download. Click here for more information.

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