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Friday, November 21, 2008

All American Mommy Loves and Uses these products

iTySE helps you save the planet with style! They manufacture eco-friendly reusable shopping bags made from designer fabrics. I carry them with me in my car and use them everywhere I go. They are so cute and Haley loves uses them to help me bag groceries at the store! iTySE makes various types of handbags that are designed to hold mesh reusable shopping bags (bye, bye plastic!). The mesh bags hold up to three times what a traditional shopping bag holds! They are truly quite amazing and environmentally friendly.
To boot, they are affordable ($50-80) and they are assembled in the USA (Oregon to be exact).
You may not know this, but metropolitan areas such as Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, LA, NYC, China and Australia are in the process of (or have) banning plastic bags. This gift is perfect because it is green, affordable and smart! Click here to get this chic shopping system!

The Himilayan Salt Shop
The Himilayan Salt Shop offers their Salt Crystal Lamps which are unique and naturally cleanse the air in your home. These lamps are made of natural crystal salt mined from underground salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains
This crystal salt is hundreds of millions of years old and, as a result, has special properties and high mineral content Heat from the bulb or flame causes the salt to emit negative ions. These negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air (positive ions) and neutralize them. Also, the newly bonded ions become heavier and fall to the ground removing them from the air circulation. In addition, these negative ions combat electro-smog caused by electronic devices operating in the home. Symptoms from asthma, allergies, and other illnesses can also subside from the effects of these products. Pretty cool, huh?!
Check it out here!

Weiman Products (www.weiman.com), a leading manufacturer of quality home care products, produces a line of wipe products designed to clean and protect specific surfaces around the home, including:

  • Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes quickly and easily remove fingerprints, water marks and grease while repelling dust and dirt, leaving a streak-free shine.
  • Weiman Leather Wipes contain natural cleaners and oils to rejuvenate leather as well as sunscreen to protect leather from, drying, cracking and fading.
  • Weiman Granite Wipes remove grease and grime from sealed granite, marble quartz and most stone surfaces. They are great for every day use to help protect your countertops.
  • Weiman Furniture Wipes gently cleanse dirt, grim and smoke residue from wood surfaces. They contain sunscreen to protect wood from drying, fading, checking and discoloring caused by exposure to the sun.
  • Weiman E-Tronic Wipes remove fingerprints, repel dust and eliminate static from electronic equipment with a streak-free, ammonia-free formula.
  • Weiman Cook Top Quick Wipes can be used daily to clean and shine glass/ceramic smooth top ranges. They remove grease, fats and water residue, leaving glass with a brilliant shine.

Verikira Naturals®

makes all their products with great care, using the finest ingredients. They have a complete skin care line as well as candles and reed diffusers for the home. Aromatic essential oils, extracted from plant materials, can enrich anyone’s life, whether they are used in beauty treatments, for sheer pleasure, to aromatize your home, or for therapeutic reasons.
Verikira Naturals®Each candle is hand-poured, created with 100% soy wax, cotton core wicks, and generously scented. Our reed diffuser oils have been specially formulated to provide superior wicking action via the finest natural rattan reeds. Lots of great gift ideas to check out here! Aromatherapy collection brings pure, fresh, and exotic fragrances to your home with a unique collection of 100% Pure Soy Candles, Natural Reed Diffusers scented with 100% undiluted essential oils, and Aroma Home and Body Mists. Their reed diffusers are my absolute favorite and the candles are great too!

The Coffee Table Ottoman is the best thing when you need to kick back and relax. You’ll find one on our coffee table, blue to be exact, that gets a lot of use! Since you rely solely on your feet to keep you moving, why not find a way to give your tootsies a rest? With the Coffee Table Ottoman (www.relaxationdesigns.com) you can do just that by putting your feet up in the comfort of your home. The lightweight, crescent-shaped cushion comes in Christmas red, green and plaid along with other, neutral colors. It is designed to allow you to comfortably relax while being supported by high-quality, foam that delivers comfort, performance and durability. With its simple, elegant design, the Coffee Table Ottoman offers portability, style and comfort in every room of the house. It is a great accessory to have for the holiday season and it can be given as a gift to those who want to enjoy true comfort. Click here to orders your today!

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