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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Giving Thanks

It Truly is Better to Give than to Receive!
The economy is tough right now. We probably all know of someone that's been affected by the poor economic status. Maybe you know of someone that's lost their job or can't work due to medical reasons, or they live on one income so mom can stay home and care for the kids, or parents who have issues and can barely feed and clothe their children. It's all so sad!

We can all make a difference in someone's life! I have already featured many companies who give back. You can help by simply shopping with those retailers. Check my Gift Guide Page. You can also help by giving to the charities that I have listed below. It only takes a little to make a big difference. Best of all, you'll feel good knowing that you helped someone who has much less than you have! It's great to get you kids involved too! Teach them to help others to create a generation of generosity!

Hasbro Candy Land Game that gives back!
Hasbro, Inc. created this special version of Candy Land, depicting all of the magical places that can be found only at Give Kids The World Village. For several decades, Candy Land has been a tradition for families - often a child's first game. This new version is also the only board game available that depicts children with disabilities. Two children in wheelchairs are seen on the board - helping parents teach their children that everyone is special regardless of their physical limitations.
100% of the sales generated from the sale of this game directly benefits the children who visit Give Kids The World Village. Each game is only $10 plus shipping and handling.
The Give Kids The World edition of Candy Land can be bought online at https://mailhost.gktw.org:8443/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=https://mailhost.gktw.org:8443/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://store.gktw.org/
Give The Kids The World grants wishes for children who have life-threatening illnesses. Families stay for a cost-free, week long vacation in Central Florida. Help make a child's wish come true!

One Is Greater Than None
The bracelets are still being sold and the 1>0 line apparel line was successfully launched in NYC in February and was picked up by Bloomingales. Proceeds get donated to 1>0 and children are able to be saved from this life of abuse. With the support of hundreds of people, the girls of “One is Greater than None” have raised enough money to sponsor 8 of these children. They are working on sponsoring an entire rescue mission of 25 children but they need our help. Your support is invaluable in helping us to spread the word. Please visit the site http://www.oneisgreaterthannone.org/. People around the nation are helping to make this happen. The girls appeared on Martha Stewart. The Today Show and other National Shows and we need your help to keep voicing the word about 1>0.

And…If you haven’t already seen it- please take a quick look at One Is Greater Than None’s first year!

I know you’ll really enjoy it!



During the 2008 winter holiday season, shoppers can virtually adopt a marine creature through Oceana’s website, www.Oceana.org/adopt, starting at $35 and going to $150. In return for making an adoption, donors have several gift options to choose from including six ocean themed cookie cutters and four plush toys that match their adopted sea creature. The Food Network’s Warren Brown, host of Sugar Rush and owner of DC’s acclaimed bakery, CakeLove has continued his endorsement of the program by donating a sugar cookie recipe that was designed exclusively for our baking packages. Each fulfillment also includes facts about the adopted marine creature and as an extra premium, special gift wrapping and a customized gift certificate.Oceans cover 71 percent of the globe and to the naked eye, they are beautiful. However, beneath the surface, our irresponsible and shortsighted commercial fishing practices have put our oceans at risk. A 2006 report in the journal Science tells us that all of the world's current fisheries could collapse by 2048. At risk is not just a food supply, but also a wealth of magnificent species and the livelihoods of fishing communities everywhere. But we can keep this projection from coming true — we can change how we manage them. But we must act now.

World Vision

Through the World Vision Gift Catalog, parents can make a donation to
dozens of different projects around the world to help other children and
families in need. It's much better than giving an impersonal gift card or
a last-minute purchase like a sweater, and the donations can go a long way
to promoting health and wellness in the developing world. It's a great
Some suggested gifts "for children, to children" include:
- Clothing for children living in poverty in the United States. ($25
provides $325 worth of clothing)
- Soccer balls for children to replace makeshift balls made of trash. ($16
for two soccer balls)
- Safe water for school children ($50 delivers enough water treatment
tablets to provide safe water for up to 250 children for one year)
- Improved seeds for a nourshing harvest ($17)
- A bicycle to help a young girl travel safely to work and school ($85)

Go to www.worldvisiongift.org for more information!

Universal Giving

One of the ways that people can give on our site is through UniversalGiving Gift Packages. They offer a perfect chance to know exactly how you've made an impact. For example, a gift package of $90 pays to sponsor a class in Indonesia. This gift would be a very meaningful and personal way to give on behalf of a teacher (or anyone passionate about education) for instance.

Further examples include:

- $360 Will sponsor a child at a disabled children's home in Sierra Leone for a year
- $100 Will help with medical clinic operating costs in Nepal
- $50 Will help towards sending one million books to children in Africa
- $25 Can heal a child suffering from malnutrition
- $10 Can supply a mosquito bed net and save a life

Our charity Gift Packages are ideal for the "feel-good factor" in these rather depressing times and spread the holiday spirit of giving so much further. They are a great choice for busy people who already have enough to contend with around the holidays. What's more, they are tax deductible, not something you can claim when you're promoting gourmet chocolate covered pretzels! We are also conscious of environmental impact and our gift recipients receive an e-card informing them of the gift package that has been donated on their behalf, rather than a hard copy.

Please check out our Gift Packages at: http://www.universalgiving.org/gifts/

Kids Fashion for Holiday (Gift that gives back)

FiveHumans™ is a company on a mission to cure ignorance of disease through hip, fashionable clothing. Through their creativity, FiveHumans™ (http://www.fivehumans.com/) launched a complete collection of disease related t-shirts, long-sleeves, and hats for men and women, as well as a line for children: LittleHumans™. The collection supports numerous world-wide diseases such as Autism, Cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, and Heart Disease. FiveHumans™ has designated a charitable organization for every cause they support, each of which receives 10% of the sale price of any related product.

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