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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gifts for Fido, Fluffy, and Fifi (Giveaway)

Big Paw Designs has a unique line of pet gifts and gifts for the per lover. Their line includes pewter collar charms and matching pewter key chains, sterling and pewter earrings, crystal and pearl pet necklaces, pewter magnets, car magnets, stickers, rescue window cling, wood and pewter picture frames, and treat tins. ALL of the products they sell are made right here in the USA!! Best of all, they support pet rescues! Check out Big Paw Designs by clicking here!

FURminator deShedding Tool Giveaway
Tired of cleaning up pet hair? How about the ones that float into your food? EEUW! No more hacked up hairballs! Get the FURminator deShedding Tool!It really works! The FURminator is designed to remove undercoat and loose hair in dogs and cats. It reduces shedding up to 90% and releases animal's natural oils to provide healthy and shiny topcoat. Your pet will love being brushed! FURminator products are available nationwide at pet retailers , groomers, and veterinarians offices. Check out the demo videos by clicking here! I have one FURminator to giveaway to one lucky winner! Post a comment and tell me a bit about your pet. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you're the winner. Ends December 12,2008.

K9 Confections offer delicious and healthy dog treats that are suitable for any spoiled pet and even those with allergies! All of the products are free of wheat, corn, and soy and are made with the finest ingredients, using USDA certified organic grains. Each treat is handcrafted, baked fresh and hand packed. They look so good, I want one! Get your K9 some gourmet confections by clicking here!


Big Paw said...

We would love the furminator at our house. Why? We have over 200 lbs of fur...or rather pets. WIth 2 large dogs and 2 large cats we need all the help we can get! My email is carolperry at mac.com

Claire said...

I would love this! My Black Lab leaves hair all over the house. Thanks!


Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

lol I see another black lab lover on here...Our black lab (malachi) is the sheddingest dog I have ever seen! Even when we brush him over and over, he comes in and leaves hair EVERYWHERE...We also have an orange tabby cat (Zoe) and a calico kitten (Jofehfeen) who do their fair share of shedding too....Honestly if I won this, not only would I use it on my 3 furbabies, I would take it to my FIL's house and make him use it on his 3 cats because every time the kids go to visit they come back wearing "fur coats" (their sweatshirts/clothes covered in cat hair!) :) thanks so much for the chance to win!

Jonathan said...

We got our Golden Retriever/Spaniel Mix from the shelter this past May. He consists mainly of the shedding Retriever side of the mix. I was supposed to be volunteering as a dog walker and ended up adopting the cutest puppy to round out our family of 2 cats, and 2 kids. Needless to say my husband won't let me volunteer there any more for fear of turning our home into a barn (hair included). I went on an interview yesterday and spent the entire train ride rolling out my coat and suit from looming hairs. I was extra cautious too - I didn't put my suit on until 10 min before I had to leave, nor did I sit down or touch an animal!!!!!! HELP Furminator!!!!!

Karen S said...

The furminator would be great for our cat. He's a Himilayan and his hair never stops growing! We've tried keeping him trimmed, but he just looks a mess and hates to get a haircut. Forget a groomer - he would be terrified! This would be great to try to see if it would help with his hairballs.


Mandi Martz said...

I would love one of these. In a house with 3 dogs and 6 cats along with our kids, we are constantly vacuuming the house. I have seen them on TV and have always wanted to try one.

Jennifer said...

I have a pit bull, but he stays outside! I would actually love to win this for my best friend who has a dog in the house that leaves hair EVERYWHERE! Thanks for the chance!

jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

MJ said...

I would love this for my Mom's cat. My son has to take allergy pi;;s just to go over for lunch. Maybe this would help!


Shel said...

We have three dogs, up until a week ago I only had two hairy beasts but I was asked to foster a puppy and I'm now what they refer to as a "foster failure". She's part of the pack now.

All my dogs are super hairy. We spent hours last spring and summer grooming them in the backyard and spreading hair tumbleweeds all over the neighborhood. I imagine with the addition of the 3rd, my neighbors will form a lynch mob.

I've seen the commercials for the furminator, I'm anxious to see if they're as good as they say.

pestkaj said...

I have a spunky 2 year old puggle, Davey..he is the one in my picture. We would love to try this for him!

pestkaj at yahoo.com

toohotforturtle said...

I have two Keeshonds-Wizzy and Luna. They are incredible dogs, but big walking hairballs! They have double coats, so needless to say, we have to brush all the time or we get tumbleweeds.

Luck Happens said...

I have a 12 week old English Pointer. Hair is not a problem YET. I'd love to have this tool on the ready....thanks for the giveaway!

kellifrobinson2 AT gmail DOT com