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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PlainTales Stories on CD

I love, love, love stories on audio! It reminds me of when I was a little girl. My sister Sarah and I shared a room much of our childhood years and we still talk about the story that we always listened to on audio. Back then (you know, in the dinosaur ages) it was on cassette tape. We would listen to that story every night before bed.

Now you can share classic stories with your child on CD. PlainTales will be releasing PlainTales First Tales and PlainTales Explorers, available March 10. These are great for the car, at home, discman or anywhere!

PlainTales, written by writer, entrepreneur and father Brian Keairns, was started with the mission of providing great audio stories for children and their parents, believing that hearing the world's best stories read aloud is a great way for youngsters to develop language and thinking skills, all while being thoroughly entertained. Fables, fairy tales and original stories inspire, educate and encourage creative thinking, and the ones featured in the PlainTales series are chosen for their rich language, cultural significance and pure enjoyment.

PlainTales First Tales collection includes The Gingerbread Boy, the clever Billy Goats Gruff, Frog Prince, Little Red Hen and the Bremen Town Musicians. This is perfect for the littlest listener with a run time of 48 minutes.

PlainTales Explorers collection includes Animal Tales: Raccoon, Bear and Coyote, Johnny Appleseed and other American Legends. This CD has a run time of 67 minutes.

Fantasy Classics, Other PlainTale CD's include PlainTales Classics, PlainTalesPlainTales Literary Classics and PlainTales Adventure Classics.

Great lives begin with great stories! PlainTales CD's have a suggested retail of $14.95 and are available of purchase at www.plaintales.com.

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