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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top Pick Kids DVD's Giveaway

On February 10,2009 these 3 new releases from Hit Entertainment will be hitting the shelves in stores nationwide. Your child will be able to check out Thomas' fresh new look, wacky animal antics with Shaun The Sheep and leap into Spring with Hit Favorites! Kids are going to love these new releases!

Thomas and Friends has been making tracks to great destinations for nearly 65 years with classic stories from the Island of Sodor. Teaching timeless life lessons such as discovery, friendship and cooperation, the Thomas and Friends animated series invites children to enter a world of imagination through the tracks of a train and the words to a story. The series introduces a new look with the first-ever Thomas DVD enhanced with CGI animation. You'll see Thomas, James, Gordon, Percy, Emily, Henry, Sir Topham Hatt and all the Island of Sodor friends with fuller facial expressions and movements while people come to life like never before.

All aboard for six new adventures in Thomas and Friends: Railway Friends. Filled with charming characters and heroic displays of loyalty, responsibility and friendship, this DVD will be a treasured addition to your home library. Episodes include: Best Friends, The Party Surprise, Gordon Takes A Shortcut, Thomas Puts The Brakes On, Saved You! and Excellent Emily. Also special features and a bonus episode. Total run time is 46 minutes. You can order a copy in advance at amazon.com.

Shaun the Sheep is one of my faves! Shaun the Sheep and his flock are ba-aa-ack in the new collection of hilarious episodes. From the Academy Award-winning creators of Wallace and Gromit come more wild and wooly adventures from your favorite barnyard animals. Sometimes it's shear madness, but it's always fleecy fun.

Full episodes of Shaun the Sheep are available only on DVD. Shaun the Sheep: Back in the Ba-a-ath DVD features eight hilarious episodes.
Shape Up with Shaun - Shaun puts Shirley the Sheep on an exercise regime.
Bathtime - Shaun and the flock go on a mission to try and get hot water for their sheep dip.
Fetching - Bitzer, distracted by a fetching female dog, misses the flock's rampage through the farmhouse, so it's up to Shaun to intervene.
Take Away - The sheep go on a mission to the local pizzeria disguised as a human being.
Still Life - The farmer takes up oil painting but during a break, the flock investigates.
Scrumping - The flock begs for apples from the Naughty Pigs' yard, but after several attempts, a war breaks out.
Stick With Me - Bitzer glues the Farmer's broken glasses back together, but when the flock gets its hooves on the tube of glue, things get very sticky!
The Kite - A kite blows into the field and gets stuck in a tree, so it's up to Shaun and the flock to get it down.
Plus a special Sing-a-long with Shaun.

Please visit http://hitentertainment.com/ for more information.

Oh, Here Comes Spring! Hit Favorites: Here Comes Spring is a colorful new collection of spring-themed episodes featuring childhood favorites Barney, Thomas and Friends, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Kipper and Fifi and the Flowertots.

Thomas & Friends - In Thomas Sets Sail, Thomas is asked to collect the mayor's new sailboat and deliver it to the harbor. But strong winds send the affable engine on a wild and disastrous ride along the island.

Barney and Friends - In the Big Garden, Barney teaches his friends how to grow fruits and vegetables in the garden.

Fifi and the Flowertots - In Flowertot Rainbow, Fifi's plan to wow Violet with a colorful display that goes awry when she forgets to water her flowers. What is she going to give Violet now?

Bob the Builder - In Roley's Flat Garden, Mr. Bentley is designing a new botanical garden. Join Bob and Roley as they work together to get the job done!

Fireman Sam - In Fit for Nothing, the firefighters are training hard to appear in the Wales Fittest Firefighters calendar. It's a competition to see just who it the fittest.

Kipper - In The Butterfly, Kipper finds a butterfly who loves the color purple. He traps it in a jam jar but realizes that it shouldn't be kept captive and eventually sets it free.

Bonus episode: Roary Sees Red from the all-new Roary the Racing Car TV series.

Run time: 62 minutes

Here Comes Spring Giveaway: Hit Favorites: Here Comes Spring DVD. Post a comment telling me who you'd like to win this for. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. Ends 2/26/09.


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