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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Osmotics Renovage Cellular Eye Repair Really Works

I began using Osmotics products last December and instantly became a fan! Osmotics truly is the cutting edge of cosmeceutical and therapeutic skin care. Osmotics products are formulated with the finest ingredients that you can feel and you'll see the benefits in a short time. I did and I love it!

From Osmotics comes Renovage:

Osmotics has extended its groundbreaking Renovage anti-aging technology to your eyes. Gone are the days of worrying about fine lines and sun damage that tell your age despite desperate attempts to hide it. This serious anti-aging serum represents the next generation in age-defying technology and contains the most powerful combination of cutting edge ingredients available to restore healthier, more youthful acting skin. Visible signs of aging were reduced in 90% of patients and results are seen in less than 30 days. Aging begins at the cellular level and Renovage helps extend the lifespan of the cells to enhance the skin's natural protection/repair factors and improves tissue quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Aging begins at the cellular level within the DNA. Telomeres, part of the DNA structure, grow shorter as cells replicate, and as they shorten, they begin to enter senescence (grow older).
  • Renovage helps repair/prevent aging at a cellular level by repairing DNA and maintaining Telomere length to increase the life span of cells.
  • Increases lifespan by 1/3 and enhances cell function, thereby improving tissue quality and extending the skin’s youth span.
  • Helps lighten and brighten skin tone evenly and instantly with a luminous, soft focus effect.
  • Neutralizes free radicals and increases skin hydration levels.
Get this and other superb Osmotics skin care products by visiting osmotics.com!

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