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Friday, April 10, 2009

Fashion Must-Have: isABelt

isABelt is a fashion accessory must-have! The isABelt is a clear virtually invisible fashion fix-it accessory product. is it a belt? yes it isABelt and so much more.
The isABelt is made of a strong and durable elasticized TPU that virtually disappears when the wearer puts it on. Because of the patent pending design and adjustment of the isABelt it lies discreetly under your clothes or even under a fashion belt to let you know that all is secure. The isABelt is perfectly flat all the way around.
isABelt is the cutting-edge fashion "fix-it accessory product for you! The isABelt is the must have item that all women, men(hisABelt) and juniors can use. isABelt prevents back gap (we all hate when our underwear is showing), pants slippage and of course belt bulk. The fashion emergency product solves all of these problems.. and many more. At under $20 isABelt is a MUST have item.isABelt is a very versatile product and can be used many different ways: a useful tool in weight loss, pregnancy, Travel…and so much more http://www.isABelt.com
losing weight - Since it is fully adjustable and you start dropping lbs. and your pants start to get loose, The isABelt will be a "nip and a tuck" for your pants..Saving you money on tailoring or buying new sizes when you have not yet achieved your goal weight.
pregnancy - Because the isABelt is Adjustable you can expand the life of your jeans or pants by popping the top button and use the isABelt to keep them up and after you have the baby, use the isABelt as you get back to your pre baby weighttravel "gadget"
While traveling on a plane or any mode of transportation in which you may have to go through a metal detector….isABelt used to keep your pants in place without all the hardware…… isABelt and hisABelt made from a strong TPU with a plastic closure is the answer to the removal of the belt during travel. Also on long flights or train rides… When you pop that top button of your pants.. The isABelt and hisABelt insure that you won't lose your drawers when you stand up…

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