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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sole Mates High Heeler

SoleMates High Heeler is yet another fashion must-have for ladies who wear heels. I wear heels everyday for work and Sole Mates has helped to save some of my best heels!
The SoleMates High Heeler is a patented high heel accessory that prevents heels from sinking into grass and from falling into cracks on sidewalks, grates, cobblestones, bricks, wooden decks, and more! Born out of personal necessity after years of ruined heels, the SoleMates High Heeler is ideal for weddings, outdoor events, and everyday wear.
The High Heeler acts like insurance against damaging heels due to environmental hazards - it really is a crucial accessory for brides / bridal parties / wedding attendees to prevent ruining heels on grass and other unsupportive surfaces. The High Heeler is particularly important during these uncertain times when women are watching their finances closely and are looking to save money on costly shoe repairs!
The SoleMates High Heeler is currently available in Classic Black and Classic Clear, both meant to fit on most classically styled heels (ranging from Nine West through Manolo Blahnik, kitten heels through stilettos).
Most recently, SoleMates have been featured in Modern Bride magazine (January issue), The Today Show, Oprah & Friends Radio Show with Gayle King (Gayle King used SoleMates at a Bel Air wedding and was so excited about our product that she called me to interview me live on her XM radio show!), and on television stations including ABC and Fox.
Check out www.thesolemates.com for more information!

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