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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sun Your Buns With Booty Butter

I stated going to the tanning salon once a week to get geared up for summer. I love to relax in the tanning bed and of course I try to tan safely. My doctor recommended 10 minutes per week of indoor tanning during the winter months. The vitamin D is great! Now I've found my favorite lotion that I can use at the tanning salon or the beach! Booty butter rocks! This lotion goes a long way and it moisturizes your skin for days.

For ages, Hawaiians have been using exotic, indigenous ingredients for a year-round, healthy tan. Now, the secret is officially out. Tampa-based consumer products company, Bikini Kitchen, brings a tropical escape to everyone with its new tanning lotion, Booty Butter.

With all-natural ingredients from the islands of Hawaii, Booty Butter glides on golden brown and goes to work immediately. This innovative browning lotion turns the skin brown, not pink. Thanks to its blend of Kona coffee extract which helps draw sunlight into the skin and Kukui nut oil which is one of the lightest, most highly absorbent oils, you will see a noticeable difference in your tan in just one hour.

Booty Butter doesn’t just speed up the tanning process, it also keeps your skin revitalized and moisturized long after you have left the sun. Grown exclusively on the slopes of Hawaii’s Mount Hualalai, for generations local cultures have sought the healing powers of the Kona coffee plant which is renowned for its ability to mend broken skin and renew cells. Booty Butter also combines Kukui nut oil, Aloe Vera and light mineral oil to create the perfect recipe for silky, smooth skin.

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